Endurance Saddle for Thoroughbred- suggestions please

I currently ride my OTTB exclusively in a jump saddle. I want to start going on longer trail rides and eventually some organized endurance rides.

What endurance saddles have you all found work for TBs? He’s a typical TB build, high withers with big shoulders. Treed vs treeless? Pads?


If the saddle fits him well, I would consider getting a sheepskin cover (for you) and maybe a sheepskin pad for horse, lengthening your stirrups quite a bit and just using that.
I rode countless miles in my Pessoa GenX with a similar set up.

Baines Enduro is a possibility for a TB. You might need some wither gussets but it has a good longitudinal shape and known for comfort, as well as, being well made. Any of the BC trail/ ap/endurance saddles can be made with a tree to fit a TB. The BC Wexford is also a good trail saddle and appropriate shape for a TB.