Endurance saddle value?

I indirectly inherited an endurance saddle. It looks to be very, very high quality in excellent condition. Where and or how would I go about locating a value on such an item? We don’t ride endurance so it is of no use here. The company still manufactures saddles just not this particular model. Edited out the make/model definitely not an ad

We would need to know the exact brand and model. Styles and preferences for distance riding have changed very drastically over a relatively short period of time.
There really is no way to answer your question unless we know what you have?

The couple of “top dollar” models I can think of right now are not discontinued.

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Try looking on Facebook groups like Endurance Tack Swap for your saddle. A local consignment shop can help too, if available.

It is a Bighorn 800…with brass buckles and rings (not advertising if inappropriate please remove). I can find a model 802 which has stainless steel and retails in the 2k range.

I did not know that group existed…thank you

Used probably $500 or so? At least in my region, they don’t seem to be particularly popular as they tend to be heavy and not the best fit for Arabs

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