(english focused) barns in Santa Cruz, CA?

Any COTHers have leads on english boarding barns in Santa Cruz proper ideally? All I’ve found is a place called Coast Road Stables but there’s ZERO info anywhere on them after 2010 it seems. Trying to find a reasonably priced board situation with a round pen (required) and trails (ideally), that isn’t a totally western ranch style deal.

Best place to look is on BAEN (Bay Area Equestrian Network):

There isn’t anything in Santa Cruz “proper” - no space there. There are lots of barns in Aptos, Scotts Valley, Soquel, Watsonville, Bonnie Doon, and up off Summit Rd (Los Gatos Mountains).

Do you want english (generic), hunter/jumper, eventing, or dressage? At what level? (casual lessons, full-training / shows, trail riding, etc) All are available.

Provide more details and we can try to get more specific in recommendations. So many places.

Direct-access to trails will be hard. Round pen should be easy.

You might want to reach out to the Santa Cruz County Horsemen’s Association - their members would be most familiar with english riding + trails: