English Sidepull and Hackamore

Is there a brand sold that’s of the quality as, let’s say, an Edgewood?

Are you looking for just the noseband component or an entire bridle? I am used to mechanical hackamore and side pulls that you just install on any bridle in place of a bit. No reason you can’t put a mechanical hackamore on your Edgewood!!

@Scribbler I’d prefer the entire bridle so that I can keep my bit on my regular bridle for trail.

Well, then you buy the headstall of your choice and then you buy the hackamore of your choice, just like you buy a bit of your choice. So you will need another headstall.

”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹It’s easy enough to find second hand good quality headstalls.

Or obviously if you want an Edgewood headstall for your hackamore, buy an Edgewood!

I have the La Cense, which is made by Dy’on.


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A sidepull and a hackamore are also very different. A sidepull can be used with direct rein but has very little whoa. And yes sometimes these are built into the bridle as the example above. A hackamore with leverage is not so great with direct rein but has a lot of force. There are also English “flower” hackamores that have less leverage than Western mechanical hackamores. These are sold independent of the headstalls like any bit.

A sidepull has not much more stopping power than a halter.

Interestingly, I prefer to use bits for arena schooling because you get more precision. And I like bitless for trail riding. I use a sidepull or a mechanical hackamore on my horse, depending on how determined she is to dive for grass. The sidepull doesn’t give you much power to stop the dive once her head is down. Last summer I was riding a dressage school master and on trails I used a bosal. It gave her a break from the bit and she didn’t get fussy.

I also love bitless for trail riding because because you can take grass breaks and it’s much easier to drunk out of streams and even puddles.

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Thanks! Are you happy with it?

The leather nosepiece I currently have for my star and flower hackamores has seen better days. Beyond the hackamore, I’m curious to know how my guy does in a sidepull and if it helps me to focus more on my core and leg aids.

I am, yes. I like the design quite a bit, very ergonomic on the horse’s face.

That makes sense. You could try riding him in a halter which is similar to a sidepull.

In regard to integrated side pull bridles, if I was getting one I’d like to see extra stabilization on the nose piece.

I have a sidepull that is just a macrame nose piece that I bought from a horse rescue group at an equine event, that takes a regular chin strap and can go on any bridle. It works great but can slip if you need to use force (like pulling horse’s head out of the grassy ditch).

I would be looking for something configured like this (random internet image).


However I find fitting more integrated products can be tricky.

Kieffer makes a nice and simple sidepull. The Kendra bitless bridle.

Oh that La Cense looks nice - always nice to see a new option out there! I have been on the hunt for a more ergonomic side pull so appreciate OP for starting this :encouragement:

I don’t think there is a maker out there unfortunately, OP. You can, however, go “bespoke” – and there’s no shortage of high quality bridle makers that rival or surpass Edgewood and ADT – neither of which I have been particularly impressed with, certainly not to the tune of $500+.

Tory Leathers makes several hard working and good quality bridles for the buck - it is not stylish, but it is durable and hardy rain or shine.

Just an update if the OP or anyone is still looking:

I purchased the Kieffer Ultrasoft Kendra sidepull after going back and forth between that and the La Cense. I decided I didn’t want the rope knots on the nose band.
The Kieffer is a very simple design and of nice quality. I’m quite satisfied thus far. It’s fairly “traditional” looking as it just looks like I forgot to put cheek pieces on my bridle and am riding off of the noseband. Nothing fancy, but should last.

@MsRidiculous - I’m just bumping this up to say I caved and bought the La Cense. After conversion and shipping it was ~$180, which is really not unreasonable for a good leather bridle. I figure if I hate it, I can convert it to a regular bridle easy and just stitch some cheek piece keepers on the headstall. I’ve been needing something that is a bit better than my current sidepull, so I’m excited to see what I get. No quote from DHL yet on delivery time but I will keep all of you apprised…

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Awesome, hope you like it! Where did you order from? There are some Equizone coupons out there floating around that bring it to about $135 less reins I think.

Here’s the Nunn Finer hackamore that I purchased through Riding Warehouse. The leather is a bit on the heavy side, but it seems to be finding it’s shape.