Eq saddles

Anyone have experience with these?


I do not, but they look a bit like the Bua Saddles that people were raving about a few years ago.


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There are several threads in the Dressage forum about their dressage versions and everyone that has one seems to love them. I’m about to trial a dressage saddle from them and if they work for me and my horse, I’ll be looking to buy a jump saddle too.

Ohhh when does your trial start??
Would love to hear how it goes!

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I’m hoping to have it maybe by this weekend or early next week. Then I’ll need to schedule the video fitting consultation before I can actually ride in it! I will definitely be back to update once I start riding in it!

I’m thinking of doing a trial too.
Reading about Bua’s right now…

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I can say that EQ’s customer service so far has been exceptional. They have gone out of their way to assist me, even knowing I may not buy a saddle (at least not right away) since I am actually trialing a used one first that happened to come available sorta locally. I had a million questions and they took the time to answer them all, even arranging a late evening conference call with the owner (Carmi) and the sales rep I’m working with. They looked up the used saddle specifications and compared it to the photos and tracings I sent them of my horse to advise if it was likely to fit. The trial program is generous and reasonably priced and you can either buy the one they send (assuming you like it) or order your own new/custom one and you can keep the demo until the new one arrives.

The idea of the Bua saddle is very interesting, but I really do not like the look of them! I have seen comments that they make you feel rather far from your horse, which I definitely wouldn’t like. But obviously they may feel different to different people.

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Same same on the look of the Bua!

How goes the EQ trial??

The trial is going very well! I am super impressed! The saddle arrived Friday and I had a remote video/phone fitting yesterday with Carmi. Unfortunately, my cell service at the barn is awful so we managed about 5 minutes of video, then had to switch to just phone (which I had to go about 100 yards from my horse to talk to her). But Carmi was great - very patient and good at explaining things so I could make changes and then assess those changes (it helped I had watched all the Reactor Panel and EQ fitting and info videos). It was too late to ride by the time we were done, so I rode today.

It was awesome. My horse was very skeptical while I was tacking him up and mounting, but as we walked around the ring, he started to relax. He got better and better throughout the ride - more relaxed, straighter, and much more even left and right, especially in lateral work. I found it very comfortable and felt incredibly stable. I also made me feel very connected to my horse.

Obviously, more rides are needed to make sure today was not a fluke, but this horse (especially right now) has been quite clear when something isn’t right so I’m feeling rather optimistic. :smiley:


Oh wow, that’s super exciting!!! Please keep us updated!

I just paid for the measuring kit. Eee!!

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Ride #2 tonight went pretty darn well despite horsey having a few too many herd bound thoughts (he recently transitioned to herd living and it has required some adjustments for both of us!). Much better lateral work - easier, more flowing, and less difference between left and right. And it definitely makes me more stable - way less correction of my standard habit of shifting left (especially at the canter) than a ride in any other saddle I own, which is probably why he was much straighter in the canter. The stability (and maybe the lack of a flap) also seems to allow for quieter aids - first change I used “normal” aids and he took off and leapt through the change…next time I barely thought about the change aids and it was smooth and quiet. Very interesting.

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Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for you!
Meant to ask if you’re trying the dressage saddle or the jump?
Any chance you’re in the DMV area?

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I am trying a dressage saddle (the Tribute) right now. If, by the end of the weekend, I’m still happy with it, I will move forward with getting a jump saddle to trial. I’m not exactly sure what DMV stands for, so I am guessing I’m not near it - I’m in southern California!

Give a shout if you’ve got any questions about making a template or the trial or ordering process! We love to chat :wink: We’re super excited about the jumping saddles.

I’m an independent specialist for EQ Saddle Science and was an enthusiastic owner myself before working with the company. I’m happy to help with any questions you might have!


Delaware, Maryland, Virginia.
OR DC, Maryland, Virginia

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Thank you! I would have never guessed that! :smiley:

Another update - I’m keeping the EQ dressage saddle. I’m so happy with how well this saddle works for me and my boy. Definitely noticed I can use smaller/quieter aids and my horse is much easier to get straight and through. He was basically not ridable in his treed saddle (professionally fitted twice by a competent fitter) due to his kissing spine flare up, so this much improvement in such a short period of time is both a relief and somewhat amazing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m now working on getting their jump saddle on trial (if they have the right size one available :crossed_fingers:) and I can’t wait to be able to get back to jumping after over 4 months off!


Thank you!
Gonna tackle it today or tomorrow.

That’s so awesome!! I’m really excited to give it a shot. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Do EQs = flapless ReactorPanels?