EQ Science saddles

I’ve read the threads where they are mentioned. Who has had one for a while and likes it, and why did you get it? Who has had one for a while and wants to get rid of it and why?


I don’t personally own one but three of my clients do.

One client is vertically challenged with a very short thigh so we mostly bought it for her to get what she wanted and her smaller horse would like (he tended to enjoy more French saddles and she likes big blocks). Most regular brands in her seat size made the saddle too long for his length of back. She’s had the saddle for a year and a half now and I think we had one on trail for a month or so prior to hers coming. She’s very happy.

Second client it’s all about the horse. He just doesn’t like conventional saddles and would get very back sore in literally everything we tried. Sometimes not for a month or so but then he would get back sore! So we went with a month or two rental situation with the demo and then when he was still happy we bought the demo cause we were not risking anything! He’s been in the saddle for 8 months so far, and knocking on wood, so far so good!

Third client is not in my barn but I do teach her regularly. Her horse just liked it better and she was struggling with another saddle company (not the saddle but the company) and just got frustrated and got a demo and she and the horse both liked it and have kept riding in it. That’s about a year now and horse is still comfortable and happy. Think the other saddle did get resolved but the customer service was just horrid so there’s that.

I don’t mind riding in them… all three I ride in frequently enough (couple days a week) all are vastly different. One is a 16.5 inch seat one is perfect for me at 17.5 the largest is a 18.5 inch seat… balance is quite nice and the blocks are Velcro so we can adjust if they need. I just ride around the blocks and do the best I can in the too small saddle (posting is the hardest thing in the tiny saddle… no place to really go!)


I got one for my youngster for several reasons. First I’d owned Reactor Panel saddles before and really liked the quality, stability and large weight bearing area. EQ saddles are an offshoot brand - same tech.

Second, I find Carmi the company owner to be the most thoughtful, thorough and conscientious fitter I’ve met. I’ve learned a ton about saddle fitting from her over the years. And she’s not a snob: she’s fit used saddles for me at a relatively inexpensive barn, and brand new ones at a fancier barn too. Same care, same service.

Third, they’re very adjustable.

Fourth, the trial policy is generous and you can rent a saddle for even longer as mentioned above: who else does that?

Lastly, Carmi was so confident in her fit that she said if the custom saddle I ordered stopped fitting in the first year (growing horse, remember!) she’d give me a new saddle. SOLD. I mean, most companies if they saddle arrived and didn’t fit you’d be SOL.

So I have to say, there are quite a number of reasons for me why the company stands out compared to the rest of the market.


How young was your horse? I have a rising 4 year old I’m having saddle fit issues and just sent them tracings, but I’m really hesitant to buy something new for her. It’s such a conundrum—they can’t develop their topline without a good fitting saddle, but the saddle won’t fit once they’ve developed, so you pretty much have to buy and sell several of them. I’m really interested in how much luck you’ve had adjusting yours.

She was 4, she’s now 6. I’ve checked the fit with the Port Lewis Impression Pad with Carmi’s input and while the horse has filled out a lot in that time her saddle fits and her back looks and feels great.

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Yes I have one and I love it. It has a eventer jump style seat. I am 6’ plus tall. Horse is a 2016 17.1hh KWPN-NA, harness bred. I have been pursuing only classical type dressage with him to this point.

I love the saddle. I prefer a very open seat and that’s why I wanted a jump style saddle. I ride with a shorter stirrup than many dressage enthusiasts.

Price wise, they are on par with the rest of the market. But I :heart: the adjustability and weight distribution that the panel system allows.

My other favorite saddle is my classic Ansur, which is about as opposite to the EQ as you can get. But this particular horse was not a good match for that saddle when he I got him.

EQ does have an excellent try out program. I was able to take a saddle to try before ordering, and that was a HUGE help, obviously.


I took one on trial and it didn’t work out because my horse ended up needing surgery for a medical issue. The fitter and company owner were incredibly supportive and understanding. I recommend trying it. Hope it works for you.


I also tried one out - my horse loved it, although the demo that I tried didn’t work for me and since he was a short-term lease, I wasn’t really in the market to buy one new.

That being said, I will absolutely go back to them when I’ve got a more permanent horse situation. I had a really positive experience all around.


I’m in the process of bringing in a trial dressage saddle (or saddles) for my five yr old Friesian gelding. He was just gelded in October prior to import so I’m curious as to if he’ll be developing much more. He’s well muscled but more of a sport type; though I know with work there will be changes to his top line being that he’s still young.

What captured my interest in this company was the technology behind the concept, & the idea of the super close contact flapless design, & though I’ve heard some complaints in the past pertaining to the flaps being of an inferior quality to the leather of the saddle itself, I’m looking forward to seeing if this is accurate or if perhaps the quality has improved

To now, the communication from the team has been top notch & I’m very excited for these storms in NorCal to pass so that I can get to the trial!!

I’ve thought about trying one of these. Do you have to use the saddle pads they make just for them, or can I still use my collection? (admitted pad junkie)

They offer the pads that only cover the panels—just for looks, (from what I’ve learned)—though you can use your own saddle pads.

I’m a collector of saddle pads too lol

How do these fit on the classic wide shoulders yet high withered old fashioned TBs? I have one that is just slightly more exaggerated in every dimension than most and therefore just slightly doesn’t fit into anything. (It’s not just me, quite a few professional fitters have only been able to produce ok-ish fits). I’ve been eyeing these EQ Science but they look like they’d fit better on a smoother back, not Ms Long-Withers-Big-Dips over here.

I would reach out to them and send them tracings and see if they can help you.

Can confirm.

Their saddle pads are actually two separate pieces that stay attached via the panels - nice if your horse would appreciate the extra airflow during the summer months, for example. You can absolutely use your own saddle pads though. There’s nothing inherently “special” about their pads beyond the design.

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I have never heard about any issues with the leather. The leather quality on my saddle is excellent.

I love the saddle pad design for EQ. They are attached to the saddle and I can throw it up withou t fussing with pad placement. And guaranteed no wither pressure from the pad.

I used a Reactor Panel (the name of the company before EQ, and now dong endurance models only) on multiple OTTBs and also a super high withered TBx and never had an issue: wither clearance/shoulder dips were the MAIN reason I got one for one particular horse, in fact.

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Me too. never had a problem with regular pads under these, except a PS of Sweden pad that slides back for some reason.

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this is very good to hear. I actually read the complaints within a thread (from many years old here on Chono), & at that only the flaps were mentioned of being a bit less quality leather than the saddle part. I figured that it was just “growing pains”

Do you mind sharing which model you have & how long you’ve been riding in it? Do you ride one horse exclusively in the saddle, or more? Basically I just would like to hear more re your experience. I feel like im irrationally excited about purchasing soon lol

I’d encourage you to reach out to the company as it sounds as though they’re adept at fitting even more challenging confirmations