Equestrian Canada squad

Anyone else totally confused about the Equestrian Canada squad list? Jessica Phoenix is listed with Pavarotti and Watson GS but I haven’t seen either competing this year (and Pavarotti should be retired). Strange that they haven’t updated it…https://eventingnation.com/equestrian-canada-names-2022-hp-squad-plus-fundraising/

There are issues with how the lists are created. I’m not privy but could be something to do with carding.

Anyway, Holly Jacks-Smither’s More Inspiration is retired from upper level competition as of April 21, 2021 (yes, last year at Kentucky). She has Candy King also listed, which is great news and a small consolation for not having Morris in the mix now.

Mike Winter is now on it, after his round at Badminton. A very nice horse.

Strange that they sent out a funding request for eventing but did not update the list since early this year. the dressage squad list was just updated.

The very first thing I noticed when I saw the list was this - how in the world are we naming a horse to the squad who has been retired for over a year? I was so distracted by this I didn’t even notice Pavarotti on the list too.

At first I assumed the list was based on results, but Morris hasn’t competed since last year as you said, so no results.

I guess I need to go do some Googling to find out the qualifications for the list. I think the result of making the squad is funding and training opportunities? Hopefully those two horses aren’t taking up spots from other pairs.

I’ll answer my own question so others can see what I found. Here is the criteria for the High Performance Squads: https://www.equestrian.ca/cdn/storage/resources_v2/FHyF4qNjpYZ6Bdau2/original/FHyF4qNjpYZ6Bdau2.pdf

Page 6 has this:
An athlete listed on the NTP High Performance Squad but who, for whatever reason no longer has the
ride on the targeted horse (due to injury, loss of ride, etc.) may be maintained on the NTP High
Performance Squad with one or more other horses provided these horses that are deemed suitable and showing the potential to achieve NTP HP Squad target scores within the next 12-18 months.

So I guess she qualified on Morris before he retired, and is maintained on the list with Candy King.

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Ah ok. So then Jessica phoenix could just replace her two horses with one of the others…I can see the good and bad here!

I’m rooting so hard for us to get a team to WEG this year!!!

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Interesting article in Horse Sport about how they are trying tor revamp Canadian Eventing…what seems to be missing is the plans for coaching.

Canadian Eventing

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So hoping this is a good path forward for us!

They received a 100K donation already for the team to get to WEG, hopefully we can keep the momentum!

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On the definte plus, it is good to see group fundraising, rather than leave it up to individuals!

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What combinations do you think would make up the 5 combinations for the World Champs? My picks are:

Mike Winter / El Mundo
Holly Jacks-Smither / Candy King
Lisa Marie Fergusson / Honor Me
Colleen Loach / Vermont
Jessica Phoenix / Watson GS

Alternate: Karl Slezak/Fernhill Wishes

My picks are:

Jessie and Bogue/Wabbit as pathfinder
Colleen and Vermont
Mike and El Mundo
Karl and Fernhill Wishes
Lindsay Traisnel and Bacyrouge

At least it’s a start! It sounds like there is a coordinated push happening, and that’s great.

My picks:

Jessie and Watson GS (if he’s sound, which doesn’t appear to be the case) or Bogue Sound
Colleen and Vermont
Mike and El Mundo
Lindsay Traisnel and Bacyrouge
and Karl Slezak/Fernhill Wishes if they run clear at Luhmühlen or Lisa Marie Fergusson / Honor Me if Karl has trouble (they have yet to run clear at 5* level, if I’m not mistaken)

Dana is in the UK with FE Mississippi but looks like they had problems on XC at Millbrook, but if the team falls short of their fundraising goal, I guess they’d probably shoe her in…

Watson GS has been tearing up the jumper ring with her recently. I think he’s alright.

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They went clear on XC and one rail in stadium, putting them into 14th overall!


The list is also from February, prior to even Kentucky running.

Bogue also sold, so he will not be an option either.

WUT :flushed: :sob:

Yeah! Meg Kep’s student bought him. He shipped last week I believe.