Equestrian scented candles

Has anyone purchased candles from: https://greyhorsecandles.com/

They seem to have some amazing scents but does the high end leather, sweet feed, fresh cut hay really smell similar?

For the price per candle, they should have scratch & sniff samples to send out. :wink:


They are pricey, but I think I might have to get “Involuntary Dismount” with the fragrance note of dirt, hahaha.


I love scented candles, especially during the long, dark nights of late autumn and winter. So I’d be interested… if they’re of good quality and have a strong, noticeable scent. For this price I don’t want to simply smell hot wax.

I got one from my secret Santa last year and it’s really nice. The scent is Carriage Ride and it’s a light spruce-y scent with kind of a cool vanilla.

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My bf got me some for Christmas this past year! I adoreeee them. So much so I almost don’t want to burn them so I can stick my face in em forever! They smell like ‘classy’ versions of the scents they are based on. So good.

I found this seller as well so now… I guess I need to order from both…

The Braiding O’clock sounds amazing… plus the Eventing Bravery one would be a perfect gift for a friend.

I just paid for my winter hay, so I’ll purchase next month and report back…

They have a scratch and dent for less: https://greyhorsecandles.com/products/eliminated?pr_prod_strat=description&pr_rec_id=14e3f1866&pr_rec_pid=7237377491117&pr_ref_pid=5772151783586&pr_seq=uniform

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I’m not a big candle person, but some of these would make great horse show prizes!


I’ve ordered from Grey Horse Candle Company a number of times. I adore their products!

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Agree on the prize idea :+1:
:clap:For the discounted 2nds
& SOAP!!! for soapaholic me this is heaven

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I would totally get some of these as gifts but most appear to be out of stock :woman_shrugging:t3:

This made me lol- Equestrian scented candles sounds like they smell like I do after a whole day at the barn and I do NOT want that candle hahaha


Equestrian scented - there should be a burning cash scent. :wink:

Pepi shine spray is the most nostalgic horse smell for me. It reminds me of early mornings grooming for showmanship classes in 4-H.


the burned out equestrian site has “burn vet bills” or something…


Equestrian-scented candles

i read the topic title this way lol…
was wondering…dried poop? wet straw? hoof trimmings in wax??

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There is one that smells like dirt. I kinda enjoy the smell of fresh earth so it’s on my list.

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Highly recommend grey horse candles!! Proper care is important for these ones though - trim your wick or they’ll get sooty. But the smells are fantastic and they are potent in a good way. Sweet Feed and Show Day are my favorites!

Barns don’t have any smell. The only time I smelled anything in the barn was after I spent 4 weeks at home. It was black ice in the driveway. Broke my ulna into 4 pieces. 3 days hospitalized after surgery. I think I was supposed do 2 more weeks at home.

The first day back you can smell it. You breathe in deeply. Mmmmm. Hay, poop, shavings, more poop, plenty of hay, a little leather… It goes away overnight. When you arrive the next day you don’t smell anything.

If I was getting gift for someone I would do one day of barn chores. Then maybe a mowed yard or field. When you walk into the barn on day 1 of your return you can smell the barn. Mmmmmmmm. It goes away overnight.

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