Equestrian Stockholm Breeches

Looking for reviews/opinions from people who have purchased ES breeches before. I’ve been looking extensively for a pair of very light grey/beige breeches, and ES is the only one I have found that has the color I’m looking for (their Paloma for reference). However, I am a bit nervous to order breeches from overseas without knowing how the sizing runs and knowing the quality. For reference, I wear a 32 in Lemiux and Horze, but a 34/36 in Hadley/Piper. I tried ordering 32s in HKM and Ovation recently, and I couldn’t get either pair up all the way, so that has me a bit gun shy now. Would probably order a 46 from ES, but don’t want to waste my time if they run super small.

Alternately, if anyone else knows of quality breeches (real breeches, not leggings) that are in a very light grey, fullseat silicone, and under $200. Let me know!

I have a few pair of ES breeches. I would say they run slightly small.
I believe the quality is very good and they’ve held up well. They’re definitely amongst my favorite riding breeches.

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Thanks! How thin is the material? I love my Lemiux Freya’s that have a thicker, but stretchy material. The stretch is super important, especially if they run a tad small.

They are not at all thin. They’re fairly thick. They do stretch 4-ways but do not have the stretch of some of my other breeches.

Thank you for the info, it is really helpful!