Equestrian Stockholm - WOW!

Ok, I know we have some folks on here who regularly drool over the Equestrian Stockholm products. And wowzas, are they ever worth it!!

I joined the ES customer pool this fall, and honestly had some reservations about the international shipping aspects of the transaction. These “issues” became more “pressing concerns” when FedEx in their infinite competence lost the package somewhere this side of customs. Never fear, ES was instantly responsive to my inquiry, and with a few follow up emails back and forth, got their shipping insurance together, and refunded all money promptly.

I placed the order again and the replacement package arrived in a few days, from Sweden. Wow! Sadly I am exactly between sizes and some of the items were too small.

So, here we go again, now we get to see how returns and exchanges go with ES. They have a place on their website where you generate the return label, which I did. It was set up with DHL. DHL just picks stuff up from your house if you call them and have the package wrapped and ready to go, so that is pretty much zero hassle.

Until DHL got the package, took it away to Rochester, and then sent me an email asking for an “invoice”. I didn’t know what they were talking about and cc’ed ES. HAND TO GOD WITHIN 2 MINUTES, ES REPLIED WITH THE INVOICE ATTACHED. I don’t know who they have sitting on their inbox but they are like lightning!!

I truly endeavor as much as possible to be the smallest administrative hassle for online retailers. I am not one of those people who wants to take up everyone’s time with endless questions and requests for accommodation. I know what a hassle it is when you have to touch something twice, three times, etc. I know that it is logistically tough to respond to my own clients within 2.5 minutes all the time. I truly, truly never want to be That Person, yet nevertheless on this particular transaction I had to bother them with annoying customer BS multiple times. ES was pleasant, patient, and lightning fast throughout the process, and truly surpassed any expectations I had.

So, I’m basically writing this post because their customer service has been so exceptional that I think they deserve a shout out on COTH.

Hear ye, hear ye, this retailer is LEGIT, and their products are GORGEOUS. (They are also having an excellent Black Friday sale this weekend, I am just saying…)

If anybody has been eyeing their stuff but was a little wary of buying from an international vendor, I’m here to say that I have sadly been able to test out pretty much every shipping snafu, and Equestrian Stockholm takes care of their customer from the start all the way to the finish line. They are fabulous, FEAR NOT, and whatever it is, you should get it!!



Love to hear it!

Now I’m gonna have to look at that site :sunglasses:

I’ve ordered personalized calendars from a company that was Scandanavian-based (Sweden? Denmark? Or??) for the last 5 yrs.
Their Customer Service is also amazing (compared to some US sellers).
My first order arrived with one damaged cover.
I called & was told to keep that calendar, a replacement would be shipped at no charge - for the replacement or shipping. That arrived in less than a week.
Last year I had a problem with discount code pricing. CSR corrected that over the phone the same day.
This year I had a problem with resolution on photos I downloaded. I requested a call back for help on the site.
I worried as the site had changed from last year - in appearance & functions.
The call came literally a minute after I hit “submit”.
CSR advised the site was now under new ownership, but he fixed my problem in about 5 minutes.
Calendars I ordered should arrive this week per tracking info.
I cannot recommend this seller enough, both for quality & awesome customer service.
Anyone interested: it’s Vistaprint.

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It’s a great company with fantastic products.

Well, thanks for the tip. I have one ES pad in a deep ruby color that I love so now I am getting one more! I hope their brushing boots are nice. I ordered those, too. And a pair of socks to get free shipping (cause that makes a whole lot of sense). Merry Christmas to me!


Great review! I have never purchased from them because I have lemieux and back on track pads that work really well so I haven’t had a reason to try another brand. I did always wonder if the material of the pads was slippery and would cause the saddle to slide? Can anyone comment on that?

Link, please?

Equestrian Stockholm: Riding Wear & Accessories - Unique Designs

The undersides are not at all slick. I’ve never had any issues with slipping.


I’ve ordered from them twice this fall and both times marveled at how quickly I received the packages. It was a matter of days! Faster than domestic shipments :rofl:

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My coach wears Equestrian Stockholm breeches and I drool over how they look, very nice. But with the exchange I can’t justify buying them. But there is a Canadian rep who has some stock. https://www.tlequestrian.com/

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