Equi-Spot vs. Freedom Spot On

I’m looking for input on these two products for ticks and flies. I’ve used both in the past on different horses but it’s been a while, and I can’t decide which to buy. I think I only had one incident of a horse having a reaction, other than that no problems. My mare is out 24/7 this year.

What I do recall is that because the liquid solution is practically as thin as water, it was a HUGE pain to apply especially in certain areas… there was always some dripping or spilling, or, almost impossible to apply in certain areas like the belly line (how do you take those stupid applicators and turn them upside down without the offing liquid spilling right out???) Also, anyone use them off-label in terms of where you apply it? (without it being in an area touchable by the horse’s mucus membranes of course)

Anyway - if anyone has any application tips, and more importantly, found that one product was more effective than the other, please share details! :confused::slight_smile:

p.s. I’m assuming either spot on treatment has no effect on gnats? :no:


I just got some Equi-spot and put it on my mare today, my first time trying it. I’ll let you know how it does. She was fly-free at dinner tonight, about 30 mins after application.
I wasn’t too worried about trying to actually apply it under the belly. My understanding is that it spreads across most all of the body in their natural skin oils. But if you want to get it directly on the belly line, you could probably mix it with some lotion or Corona ointment and spread it on.

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Here are the instructions for applying Freedom45 for horses:

Safe for use on horses and foals over 3 months of age. Apply one 9 cc tube as follows: 2 cc on the poll; 0.5 cc on each side of the withers (1 cc total); 1 cc on each side of the hind quarters (2 cc total); 1 cc to the back of each front leg (2 cc total); 1 cc above each hock (2 cc total). Do not reapply for 14 days.

There is no requirement to apply it to the belly.


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I have been using UtraBoss from Valley Vet. $38 for a quart. For ticks I have been using a 6cc syringe to apply it along the mane, on the back of each pattern, on the dock and in the tail hairs. Reapply every 2 weeks.


I am in Canada- I can’t find the Spot On in our area. Ordering from the US is a pain and expensive. Anyone know of a source up here?
Also- does this NOT work for gnats? My mare gets her tail chewed up and rubs the hair off, vet says gnats. She lives out 24/7 and we all know sprays don’t last long enough!

I’ve never heard of UltraBoss, I will assume it’s exactly the same thing… would be nice to have one big container and use measured syringes as opposed to buying single applicators for the entire summer. Will look at it.

Even applying something watery to the back of each front leg is difficult - not just the belly is difficult. I don’t think I would pick up a leg and apply it to the lower leg though… seems risky as the horse can easily get its nose on those areas. So the question remains how does one get the watery liquid on the skin of the back of the upper front legs (and other non-horizontal areas).

Mixing with Corona or other ointment sounds good in theory, though I wonder if it would be as effective, and, if it would “carry” the lotion into the bloodstream with the insecticide.

I suppose using a syringe would be an improvement on those single applicators the Equispot and Freedom45 come with - but, stuff will still spill out easily (or I could see me easily accidentally pushing too hard on the syringe and dispensing all of the liquid onto one spot of the horse! Syringes often don’t glide down with great control)

Anyone have experience with these products with respect to GNATS? Please chime in. :smiley:

I had no problem squeezing it onto the back of her legs. Maybe you cut the hole too big.

Two days later, I don’t see a huge effect on the flies, so, as with fly sprays, the “lasts up to 14-days” is apparently an exaggeration.


mmeqcenter, When I used it in the past, I used it specifically for ticks and, I can say without question it cut down on the number of ticks attached to my then mare in a big way.

Applying it is always a little challenging though especially with a horse that is not clipped. Any of the stuff that sits on the hair isn’t going to do anything.

I am planning to try the Freedom 45 and see what it helps with - I’m expecting it will deter ticks and only some flies (but maybe ymmv according to location and type of fly), and I have zero clue still whether it effects gnats.

Jawa - I just looked at the UltraBoss from ValleyVet. It is only 5% permethrin, whereas EquiSpot and Freedom 45 are both 45%. So more like what you’d see in fly sprays, as opposed to spot-on treatments?

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I understand your point about applying a couple drops of liquid to hair, @Iride. Seems like it just rolls off. Maybe you can wear a pair of rubber or latex gloves, put the drops in your palm and press/rub it into the haircoat? Or lightly dampen the area to be treated with water first (not soaking wet) to get the solution to adhere better??

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Good idea Lusoluv, maybe even a q-tip (though, that might absorb the liquid instead of releasing it!)

I’ll have to try that, rubbing it in to the skin a bit. Though my mare isn’t hairy, not freshly clipped but was clipped a few months ago and has nothing to shed out for spring.

I’ve used the equi-spot a few times and it’s never done anything for any of my horses.

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I use the Equi-spot and it helps soooo much. We live in tick central (I have to spray my pants if I am working outside…just doing fence repairs the other day and I had 5-6 deer ticks on me). Without the Equi-spot, I could easily pull 5-8 ticks off each horse every other day…with it, just 1-2 on occasion.

My tricks for applying - if you have just washed/hosed off your horse, it won’t run off as much. I also use a disposable glove and put some on the palm of my gloved hand and then rub across the areas where the ticks tend to go. I find that’s easier than dealing with the “applicator” which causes too much in one spot or wasting.


I’ve used both, and prefer the Freedom applicator. I don’t put on the belly, and didn’t think the backs of legs were that difficult. We have no gnats and hardly any flies, I use it for ticks (which it seems only my horse seems to get!), it does seem to help.