Equifit boots have bad velcro? how to fix?

I recently got a pair of used equi-fits, which I love but the Velcro on them is horrible. They barely stick and sometimes on Velcro when I’m riding causing them to fall off my horse. Is there anyway that I can put new Velcro on it or put Velcro over the new stuff? Has anyone else had this problem?

Yep! My first boots stopped sticking so I emailed them and they sent me brand new ones and recommended I just use a brush to clean the Velcro. The same thing happened with the second pair lol. Cheap Velcro :woman_shrugging:t2: I just have to really rub them to stick.

do you think they might be able to send me a new pair even though I bought them used?

Your local tack repair can replace the Velcro.

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I’m not sure. They didn’t ask me for a receipt or anything. This was in 2018. I asked if it was common for the Velcro to lose stickiness and this was their response

“No, we typically have not seen any issues with our Original Boot’s Velcro. I would however be sure to only wash the shell by hand and to not place either the shell or the liners in the dryer. I would also be sure not to overly brush the loop/strap part of the Velcro, as sometimes this can break the loops and it will be less sticky to the hook.”

However, I would probably second the person above me in replacing the Velcro if yours just aren’t sticking. Mine definitely don’t feel as sticky but as long as really press and rub the top flap on to the straps, it never pops off during any of my rides so I’ve just settle. It’s been a couple years and I still use them :slight_smile:

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I’d buy some elastic velcro and add one or two wraps around the outside of the boot to supplement the weak velcro.

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