EquiFit girth -- worth the $$?

Is anyone using this girth? Is it worth the big $$? Does it help prevent the saddle from slipping from one side to the other?


If the saddle is slipping from side to side it doesn’t fit properly and no girth will fix that.


It slips only to one side. Probably rider-induced, but we’re trying to get the saddle to remain centered so that I can remain balanced and then ask my horse to remain balanced. It’s a bit of a catch-22.

If the saddle slips to one side it’s likely the back of the horse is asymmetric. Experiment with shims. IME the saddle will tilt away from the atrophied side. Get a saddle fitter and massage body worker involved if this is getting too complicated. A girth won’t help.


Yes. My horse gets seen by a massage person (no issues found) and will get rechecked by the saddle rep. I want to get this nipped in the bud while it’s still a tendency rather than a chronic problem.

Interestingly, my saddle tilts to the left – I have to step in my right stirrup to correct the tilt, and the thought has been that the mild atrophy in muscling is just over the withers on the left – a bit of a divot that the saddle then settles into.

I appreciate your insights!

It is a pretty girth, seems very comfortable for the horses and is really popular among the hunter riders in our barn (which just happens to be partially sponsored by the company!). I have two of these but am looking for alternatives because it is a pain to reattach the insert to the girth and to keep it from getting moldy. Kind of like a ruggable if you know what I mean. You have to line it up just right, involves sticking and unsticking, blah blah, the insert gets mildew in the tack trunk or locker sometimes, you lose the insert. All of this sounds ridiculous but when you’ve paid this much money for the things you start wondering whether a nice all leather girth might be just fine after all.

I use one of these. Saddle moves even less than it did with a similar SmartPak girth. I show jumpers but it should be OK for hunters.



Try an overgirth.

If nothing else, this thread has quashed any idea I ever had about buying a Ruggable.

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