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anyone ever use these? Thoughts?

Is this a mineral lick? I think it’s better to give a measured dose in a mash.

Are you talking about SweetPro’s EquiLix?

If so, it has its place in a bigger herd setting where horses aren’t fed individually. Horses who like it will likely at enough to make a reasonable difference. Not all horses like it.

I used 1 tub of the EquiLix years ago and it wasn’t being eaten at a pace to make a difference. I also used EquiPride, and while it’s also a good product, my horses liked it (not all do), it’s on the $$ side, doesn’t supply amino acids, so I dropped it.

Used them as a free choice mineral for many years - in stalls/individual and in pasture/herd situations. Its not full of molasses/overly sweet so they don’t over eat it. They also make a version with garlic for fly and mosquito control.

Love 'em… long-time user here. In the very beginning, everyone chows down on them like a kid in a candy store. Once they got over the novelty, it’s only licked when they want/need.

With my horse(s) & donkey home for the past 8 years, it’s been a part of me simplifying their diet. Free-choice hay in a net (covered), free movement on a mini-track system - hay on one side, water on the other, EquiLix tub and free-choice salt in the middle.

No sugar, super low NSC, flax etc.

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