Equinands & Pessoa system

Those of you who have had success using equine ss to build your horse’s topline & hind end-how often did you use them & what was your routine & timing of results? Also-if like to know the same from those of you who use the Pessoa lunging system. Thanks!

I used to use the Pessoa twice a week for at most 20 minutes at the trot with cavalettis. I haven’t been using it recently but plan to start incorporating it into our workouts again soon.

anyone’s horse just too dang long backed for the rig and if so how did you extend it??

@bt I actually have the Horze brand version and my horse grew and I’m struggling with this. I’m thinking about adding bailing twine to extend the snaps and make an extension around the O-rings to help lengthen safely

@Spartaco I’ve heard really good things about the equibands. I know people love or hate the Pessoa rigs. One of my vets recommended it per my young horse to help strengthen him. I use to do the Pessoa 2x a week for 10-15 mins with a lot of walk and transitions. They do NOT need a long time in the rig. I believe that is a mistake a lot of people make with the pessoa.

I have looked into the equibands but they are so pricey for what hey are — its hard to pull the trigger! It is on my list of things in the future.

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I have the Equibands. I put off getting them for a long time, but the local vet school loves them for rehabs and general conditioning. I find them a lot more versatile than the Pessoa. If I want to have more of a Pessoa type setup, then I’ll just long line or double longe with the bands on under tack or a surcingle. But you can also ride in them, which is what I do the majority of the time once the horse is used to wearing them. Easy to remove and keep going, too.

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I use and have had good results with an Equi-Ami. I’ve also seen these used on quite long horses with success.

@raisethebar Thanks! for the heads up!! My guy wears an 84 blanket and is alllll back not much chest. I was considering ordering one from Schneider…which could have been Horze or another brand but not Pessoa. I would only want the “rigging” since I have all the other necessary pieces and the “non pessoa” brand one I can borrow from a fellow boarder seriously needs about a foot long extension on each side. I always prefer leather shoe laces or cheap leather dog collar over baling twine. Oh and here is a wicked funny for a good giggle…I almost used another P word with umm ELLI at the end last night instead of Pessoa…baaa haaaa caught myself real quick though.

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@bt thanks for your suggestion about shoe lace! that is a great idea. i have a couple of old spur straps that I can also make due :slight_smile: