Equine Artists

I have to share. A birthday/Christmas gift to myself and my husband this year was a total and complete splurge. But, I also like to support artists when I can. This head study is actually not of our Shire, but was so close to being identical I could not pass it up. It came in the mail yesterday and is wonderful. It was painted by a very talented oil painter named Anthony Valentino Robinson: https://www.facebook.com/anthonyseasel

Anybody else have artists they like?


Anthony posts regularly in the FB group Art of the Horse. I love his work!

You don’t have to be an artist to join the group. There are all kinds of art shown.

That could be a dangerous group to look at! Good thing my wall space is limited! :grinning:

Janet Crawford. https://www.spa-fine-art.com/janet-crawford-1 . Have a commission piece from her of my last horse that was outstanding!

My favorite is Julie Lawther: https://www.equineartbyjulie.com/

Her work is fabulous! I may follow up - I have an outstanding photo of my horse I would love a painting of.

Not sure how well this will upload:

She did from a photo, love how she captured the mare’s soft eye.

This is really, really lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I will follow up w her. She did do a fabulous job on her eye.

Not a professional artist, but my friend drew this ink sketch of my horse several years ago. Please ignore the light glare. When my mom’s late gelding passed away, she drew him for her, too from some pics I gave her.

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Pastel of my TB done by the Dad of a friend/trainer.
Same glare apology as @JBCool :roll_eyes:
Makes me smile as friend used his cooler on Vern for the photo.
Not my colors :smirk:


Vern made those colors look good anyway! :wink:

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