Equine heart rate monitor in 2023?

Bringing a horse back into condition and was curious about equine heart rate monitors. Anyone have one they like? I heart the horse huffing and puffing and I’m not sure how much to read into that in terms of cardiovascular fitness.

I know there are some threads but they all seem older and I know this type of tech can change so quickly.

(Full disclosure - I’m a DQ but figured you eventers would be most up-to-speed on fitness gadgets!)

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Yes, good place to come. The CEEFIT/ CEEFIT pulse is a great one to use. Easy to use with the Seaver App.

I use it to not only monitor heart rate but also foot falls, motion, impact, jumping , evenness and more when I’m riding.


Thank you! This sounds great. Unfortunately I already have an Equestic that, with a monthly subscription, monitors evenness, otherwise I’d be all over this. But not out of the question to switch since this obviously has the HR monitor that I’d like. How much does the monthly subscription to the CEEFIT pulse cost? Couldn’t find the price on the website or in the app store.

Does anyone know of any apps that would work with the old Hylofit sensors? (the company that went out of business)

Health+ for 1 month is $14.99, $149.99 for 12 months ($12.50/month).
Safe Ride is $7.99 for 1 month, $74.99 for 12 months ($6.25/month).
Seaver Coin is $8.99.
No idea what any of this means but this is just from the In-App Purchases in the App Store!

Well you got further than me as I didn’t find those, but yes, what exactly do they mean?!? LOL

I guess I’ll have to do some more digging and reach out to the company.

I don’t have a subscription ( at least I don’t recall signing up- maybe an auto pay so I’ll check that just to be sure and I’m not giving incorrect info) so don’t think it is required unless you want extras. Mine functions great and I get all the info I need.

I won an Equistic monitor last year but haven’t used it. One because I didn’t realize you have to pay a monthly fee, two I already had the ceefit and was using it.

I’d be curious to know your feedback on the Equistic.

Where did you find this? I’m looking all over the webpage, I downloaded the app… nothing about pricing. I’m thinking what I would need is the Health+, which seems a little steep at $15/$12.50 a month, but hard to tell with no info!

Interesting - the main Ceefit Pulse page says the features require a paid subscription, but it’s true that they don’t specify which features.

I’ve really appreciated using the symmetry function on the Equestic coming back from an injury. I think I pay ~ $4 a month now for it. I think it’s been very correct in picking up the days when she doesn’t feel 100% (since although the injury has healed well with no set backs, we’re still figuring out what kind of shoes she wants to be in). If the Ceefit has the added HR feature, then that’s probably better overall.

My Equestic came with ~ 3 months free subscription - I’d be very curious for you to ride in both and compare data if yours has a free trial period, too!

I use the Polar app. It’s for humans so the HR zones aren’t accurate but it pairs with the sensors just fine (I use the human Hylofit sensor for my own workouts), and it’s free!

Yep, no need to use a subscription-based app. I used KER Clockit (not sure if it’s in use anymore, it’s been 4 years since I’ve evented :sob:) and it tracked your GPS/speed with your phone and horse’s heart rate using Bluetooth. Worked really well!


It was in the In-App Purchases section of the app on the App Store! You have to scroll down a bit on the page