Equine Insurance Broker

Recommendations of best Equine insurance broker?

Farm and Horses we want to insure.

I’ve always used Berkley for equine insurance. I’ve only had to place a claim once and they were fantastic to deal with.


I’ve used Leavitt Group in Ft. Morgan, CO for ever. They insure everything for me. Great service. Periodically, I look for something cheaper-similar coverage and never find anyone better.

I love Jennifer Oliver based out of VA

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Parker in California

This is who I used today. She uses all major companies and 100% knows her Sh!t.


+1 for Jennifer Oliver

Thanks all - We actually do use Jennifer for our horses, but she hasn’t gotten back to us when requesting farm insurance and every time we call the office their voicemail box is full.

Seems like the whole team might be on a vacation and we need to get something lined up in the next week or two.

I called and got through on Monday and had insurance in under an hour. But it was for horses not for the farm.