Equine Insurance in both Canada and US and transport

I’ve insured horses in the past, and I did do some searches thru the forums first but this scenario is a little different. If filly in Canada passes her PPE, I’ll be purchasing her. she’s not even a yearling yet, and seller and I have agreed to look at shipping her in better weather/more time to prepare her. So, she’ll stay with seller for a couple months with the requirement she be insured. Then, she’ll haul the very long trip to VA. (finding the right hauler/rig/route is another item to be figured out) I’d like to insure her with a good company that she’d be covered in Canada, and for the haul, and in Virginia. Not sure of what coverages would be best for that age either. Any suggestions welcome!!!

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My sister has a bit of a DOT certified transporter niche hauling horses in and out of Canada. Based in Maine, she specializes in horses to and from Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes and the US Eastern seaboard.

I just called her. She says her insurance covers the horse up to $25,000 cargo (horse) replacement value. Though she’s never had to test it, she says, like all commercial auto-ish insurance, the requirements for replacement are pretty narrow. She often suggests a policy specific to that horse. An international mortality rider covers the death of the horse, and some clients add horse medical/veterinary insurance.

Other readers might be able to recommend a specific insurance company.

The US customs and veterinary systems are Byzantine and arcane, so definitely make sure your transporter has crossed the border both ways multiple times.

Cargo insurance in Canada rarely covers the actual livestock unless involved in an accident. So if the horse is sick or injured otherwise you would need an equine policy to cover this.

Usually you would purchase an insurance policy through an equine broker and they would be able to help you ensure the policy covers the horse while in transit in each country.

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Edited to say: My sister corrected me. Brokers are necessary. I was wrong.

I just shipped 3 weanlings from Europe. They were bought as babies so they spent all of last year “waiting” on their breeders’ farms. I was able to get mortality + colic coverage for them close to the time they were being shipped. I could not get it sooner. The good news is that the cost of shipping, which I could document, was covered as part of the mortality value.

Insurance is a weird thing in that it is state regulated in the US. Regulation differs in other countries. I believe Canada has both provincial and federal regulations. I’ve seen liability coverage with worldwide coverage, but property coverage is more restrictive. You will definitely need the advice of an equine insurance specialist. There are lots of nuances with insurance coverage and when it involves two countries, it gets even more complicated. But you definitely can get it and the cost if very reasonable.


I would give Henry Equestrian a call - they’re amazing to work with, and might be able to help with your questions!

I don’t believe they can write coverage for American owned horses.

Equine insurance policies written in the USA usually allow for the horse to be located anywhere in the contiguous US States or Canada. Just check with your agent, but a normal mortality policy should cover the horse while in the US, while traveling, and once it gets to you.


Right, but I thought they might be able to point OP in the right direction since she’s dealing with a horse located in Canada.

thanks all. SOMEWHERE I thought someone had commented just recently she had horses shipped from Canada and with her proven costs (paid receipt I expect) she had been able to include the shipping in horse value for mortality costs. Now? I can’t find it!! Never mind! its in Ironwoods reply. I have only contacted Broadstone to get quotes and they said shipping from Canada will not be included. This is a biggie for me as her purchase price is less than her shipping!!! I know filly I bought some years back from TX shipping was included in her mortality coverage. :frowning:

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EMO in Warrenton, VA got me mortality coverage from Great American. Shipping from Europe was incliuded under the policy. The total mortality was purchase price + shipping. As I said, the policy was issued shortly before shipping and not for the months prior the weanlings were with the breeder. Hope this helps.

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