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Equine Insurance: Major Medical

What’s everyone choosing for their major medical coverage? Curious what the average owners are selecting. Last year I did $10k. My horse is a mid five figure 6 year old. Wondering if it’s too risky going with the $7500 major medical.

I have my high 5s hunter insured for 15k major medical. It’s a hefty premium but gives me peace of mind!

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I have $10k on my 8 year old. The cost wasn’t that much more so I went with the higher option for peace of mind. I think it depends on how comfortable you’d be putting up the extra cash in a worst case scenario; when I got my horse I wanted to avoid depleting my savings further if we had an emergency early on, and now I’m just used to the premium so don’t see a need to reduce it.

Does the amount they cover change based on value? It was my understanding that the value only becomes relevant if the horse dies and you’re looking for replacement value. For medical isn’t the coverage the same? For example, I have kept the value of my horse at $5k since I bought him because I didn’t want to pay a higher premium. I have $10k in coverage per event.

When I was getting insurance quotes for my mare I bought recently, the amount of major medical that was available depended on how much mortality coverage I bought. For example, to get $15k in medical I had to get a minimum of $20k in mortality; if I dropped the mortality below $20k the max medical coverage I could get was $10k. (Caveat, I’m insuring her for eventing so there were fewer options than there would have been for a dressage horse or a hunter.)

For the OP, I was also deciding between $10k and $7,500 for my low/mid fives 11 year old. I opted for $10k. My cash reserves are lower than I’d like after maxing my budget to buy her (oopsie!! but at least so far, I regret nothing lol); I thought the extra $100 for the $10k coverage was more than worth it for the peace of mind. I might drop it to $7,500 next year once my savings have built back up, though.

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That makes sense