Equine podiatry or lameness specialist? Any recommendations in MD/ NoVa region?

Thank you all who commented on my previous post re: my horse’s hoof issues. Upon further consideration and reflexion I have decided that I would like to go ahead and set up a long term management plan that would include routine radiographs/venographs and cooperation between my current farrier and a specialist vet.

Now, since this issue specifically has to do with hooves only, should I return to my preferred lameness specialist (specialized, fully equipped clinic for treating lameness) or should I seek out an equine podiatrist? Are there any podiatrists in the MD/ NoVa area who would come highly recommended? (I like and have relative trust in the lameness expert who I have used in the past for this and my other horses.)

Then, I need this person to communicate and work together with my current farrier as I do not want to seek another farrier for number of reasons; not to mention that I could not logistically pull it off to have to trailer my horse somewhere anytime he needs to see a farrier.

Thank you for any suggestions, notes or recommendations!

What about going to Morven Park in Leesburg? They have good lameness surgeons and a good farrier shop. Paul Goodness, the head farrier, is very experienced with all kinds of therapeutic shoeing.

Try Dr. O’Grady. He’s a vet and equine podiatrist-a wealth of knowledge and great to work with.

Dr Allen, VEI

Stephen O’Grady is a podiatrist and I believe he travels

I second the recommendation for Leesburg (officially: Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center).

Dr. Jeannie Waldron at Rectortown Equine Center and her farrier, John Pemberton can handle about anything. She has a high speed treadmill and will film horses on it so you can really see what is going on. Very cool.