Equine Services Aldie, VA (vet, farrier . . . . ECT)

Recently moved down to VA - in search of:


Google isn’t really helpful. Figured I’d come on here and see who people use /recommend. Yes I can use the farm I’m moving her to vet / farrier, but would like some recommendations =]




I have not personally used Dr. Harman but have heard great things about her chiropractic work. Dr. Young (Spectrum Vet) does our dentals so maybe someone else will chime in with a suggestion for a dentist.


Forging ahead is a top notch farrier drawing clients from even 100 miles away.

Dr. Ray Hyde, American School of Equine Dentistry


John Pemberton, farrier in Middleburg

http://horsedentistvirginia.com/ for equine dentist. One of the few left who doesn’t need your horse drugged up so they can use a glorified dremel tool on their mouth. Been in the business for decades.

Farrier: John Pemberton, Middleburg; Forging Ahead is good, but $$$
Dentist: Hubert Davey or Graham Alcock, Middleburg - all hand done, no power tools
Vet: Dr. Harrison, Berryville; Dr. Allen’s Virginia Equine Imaging, The Plains; Piedmont Equine, Marshall; Dr. McCormick, Middleburg Equine
Chiropractor: Dr. Froehling, Full Circle Equine, Ammissville

Another vote for Spectrum Veterinary Services. Byron Young is a board certified surgeon who used to work for Morven Park. He has a huge amount of experience with simple and complex problems, and is a nice person.

Farrier: Paul Goodness (Forging Ahead) http://www.forgingahead.us
Vet: Dr. Chad Davis

Dr McCormick is my fav at Middleburg Equine…