Equine, small animal vet info along with suggestions for a good farrier.

I will be moving back to Virginia the beginning of June. I will be living in Brightwood. I have a holistic vet for my dogs and cats now, and if anyone has a suggestion for a good holistic vet in that area I would truly appreciate it. Also, suggestions for a good equine vet, good farrier, hay supplier and somewhere that I can purchase stall bedding in bulk.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

You should edit your post title or just start a new thread titled “Looking for holistic horse/small animal vet and good farrier, Brightwood VA area”. Or maybe just SW VA or wherever Brightwood is for those who might be in the region or know somebody around there who could help but not know exactly where Brightwood is

Right now you aren’t getting any response because it’s too general and not location specific. Might want to post it over on the Horse Care Forum as well for more interest.