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Equine Uterine Infections??????

Hey everyone,
I’m posting for a friend that is not a member of COTH gasp. Her mare was recently diagnosed with a “raging” uterine infection. She test positive for e. coli. This mare has had some serious behavior issues recently and the owner is thinking this is related to this infection.

She has not had any luck researching online and was wondering if anyone had any insight or experience with this. The vet has recommended a uterine flush. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Uterine infections are fairly common. Depending on what treatment the “bug” is sensitive to, it can go anywhere from “easy” to “difficult” to clear up the infection. Also, you’ll probably get more responses on the “Sport Horse Breeding Forum”. :slight_smile:

Generally these infections are picked up on a breeding exam. Not sure how a “raging” uterine infection would show itself, other than infertility. But generally they’re treated with uterine flushing with antibiotics.

I had one filly who was still racing get a nasty discharge that had to be flushed a couple of times. We followed up with a caslick and she was fine and went on to have foals later on. Why didn’t he flush it when he diagnosed it?