Equisafe Global Fencing

I have a new farm with a 5 stall barn that I am renovating. I am looking a paddock fencing right now and trying to decide between wood and HDPE Fencing. The Equisafe fencing ads really interested me due to the imbedded electrical wire and the low/no maintenance. Does anyone have any experience with Equisafe Global Fencing? It is expensive and I want to make sure it will hold up. Thanks!

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I don’t have it but I definitely want it! A few people I know of in the Ocala area have gotten it, they love it so far, but it’s too new to know about long-term longevity. They’ve had it a few years now. I’ve been told it’s all over Wellington.

Personally, I’ll be doing anything but wood when I can afford all new fencing. Wood boards are sooooo high maintenance (and they’re expensive too, especially right now). I guess one can help this by putting electric rope on the inside to keep the horses off of it.


Not wood. Not unless you have a staff to maintain it.

I like non-climb so I’m doing that with CenFlex as a top rail.

The Equisafe website says they have been around for 20+ years so maybe they can provide references?

since we are in brush fire territory I would be hesitant, I have seen PVC fencing melted to the ground

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I was also intrigued by the ads, as I’m sold on HDPE fencing and the addition of electric seemed to make it even better. (Also a new farm owner and need to replace a lot of fencing.)

I am in New England. I have to say that my communications with the company have left me very underwhelmed. They don’t get back promptly. I asked them to send me a sample and the first one never made it. I asked again and they sent me a sample of the brown round rail, clearly hacksawed off a larger piece. Not only does it look really low quality, but I had told them I was interested in the black flat rail. I asked to have a sample of that sent … oh, maybe 2 weeks ago? … they said they would, but I haven’t received it yet.

So maybe they are great in FL, but unless I actually get a sample of the black flat rail that looks amazing, I’m going to go with Wind River. I’ve been talking to Ed at Wind River and he’s been super helpful and responsive. The sample he sent – overnight, mind you – included not just the rail, but also part of a post and the pins that hold the rails in the posts, so you can see how it all works. It’s really high quality stuff and looks good.

I’ve also requested a sample of the Derby HDPE but haven’t received it yet.