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Equitours Ireland Trip

Any COTHers out there who have done the self-guided Equitours-Beaches, Dunes and Trails ride?

My dearest friend and I have been talking about this as a bucket list trip for what feels like forever, or about 20ish people years:) This particular year the stars have aligned because we both actually have time in September and have the cash, especially with where the Euro/ Dollar exchange is. And it is her 50th B-day to boot!

My friend has done another Equitour and was impessed with their outfit, so she really would like to use them again. I just want to double-check that everything is on the up & up with the ponies. That we arent being overly ambitious about what our middle-aged bodies can handle with this adventure. And that we arent going to be spending too much time on paved roads, since I can road ride at home for free;)

So any wisdom, advice or suggestions would be appreciated!