Equiwinner patches

Ok, Friesian owner here with the anhydrosis that seems to go ha d in hand with a Dutch Import. Over the years I combine one AC/true sweat and signal health Equi winner patch and Guinness beer. It sure which of these is the magic ingredient or if it is all o. Combination that gets them sweating again.

For those of you who have used the Equiwinner patches: if they are non-transdermal, a d nothing actually transfers to the blood stream, is there any reason the patch could not be used again, with some tape to hold it on?

Just wondering!

Hmmm. I tried the patches a few years back, using nothing else at the same time (no One AC or Guiness Stout), and they did almost nothing – teeny tiny bit of improvement. No experience reusing them, but if you have them, I guess it’s worth a shot – it’ll either work or not.

I will say that the company stood behind their money back guarantee. They offered to extend the trial period, but I took the immediate refund.

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I wonder how they work for sweet itch?