Erosion mats for drylot

Hello! Wondering if anyone has ever used an erosion control mat/blanket under gravel or ag lime on a slope? Our drylot has some hills in it and we are having a bit of difficulty keeping footing on the areas with more slope. We are looking to install an erosion mat that will then be filled with gravel or ag lime to help hold the footing on the slope instead of constantly washing away. This is what I’m looking at using.

Has anyone used something like this? How has it worked? Any recommendations? Thank you!

I have the Lighthoof panels and they work great at keeping my 3/8 minus in place. I don’t have any on a slope, but I do use them in dry lot and in/out stalls. I also have them in my outdoor wash stall and the footing doesn’t move!

Here is a thread that may help? The conversation evolves from the OP

Thanks! The main area in question is just along the fence with relatively low traffic where a hill was cut out, leaving sort of a steep drop off. If it weren’t a horse paddock it would be a place for a retaining wall, or grass thatch would fill in and secure it… but it’s small, maybe 20 feet long, only 2-3 feet of actual drop. Hence we were thinking if we could secure those mats up along the slope they would at least protect the ground underneath it. I have a couple regular stall mats up against it now and those work great minus the fact that they slide down the hill and then and need repositioning periodically.

In that case, just tack down the mats you have with stall mat klips:

I use them for this purpose (keeping mats from sliding downhill) and they’re perfect.