Escaping the mud - seeking recommendations for the winter in NC

Last year for the first time ever I was in a position to avoid the mud of Pennsylvania for a few months and sent my horse south - hallelujah! It ended up that I wasn’t able to go and ride very much at all but this winter, between a new job and no longer caring for an elderly dog ( :cry:), I would be able to spend more time there riding ( :grinning:). I would love to go to Aiken but SC is just far for me to go back and forth (and I’m not interested in flying anywhere). I really enjoyed Southern Pines/Vass last year - hacking in the foundation was like going on vacation with my horse. I’m not an eventer but I appreciate classical dressage, have fun riding low key jumper classes and can be convinced to hop over the tiniest xc jumps. Looking for recommendations who have excellent care (of utmost importance since I can’t be there most of the time) and for a trainer who would enjoy working with a green-ish TB and an educated rider who has no real eventing aspirations.

Reached out to McKenzie Dey Cumbea in Southern Pines. she has a beautiful farm and teaches and boards.

I recommend McKenzie Dey as well…she is not on the Foundation, though. If you’re looking for someone on the Foundation, I recommend Caitlin Romeo (Advanced level event rider, great location).

John Zopatti is my absolute favorite dressage trainer in the area but he may be in Florida most of the winter? I’m not sure if he still goes there or if he stays in the Southern Pines area. Candy Allen is McKenzie Dey’s dressage coach, I believe…I’ve heard excellent things. Kris Hamilton is great but again, not on the Foundation. She is more towards Raeford I believe. I’m not sure if the O’Brien’s offer boarding nowadays but I know they’re still teaching! Feel free to PM me if you need anything. I’ve been in this area for 10 years now and am happy to provide any information I can!

I highly recommend Caitlin Romeo as an eventing coach. Very close access to the Foundation. I also highly recommend Lynn Doki for dressage. She is AMAZING!!! She enjoys working with eventers and greenies! She has a great farm in Aberdeen with a covered arena and access to trails (although not the Foundation :slightly_smiling_face: ) She does offer boarding. is her website. Great care of the horses. Great sense of humor and makes learning dressage fun!!!

Thanks for the suggestions! (I seem to have accidentally deleted my last post :laughing:)
Thinking about doing a road trip after Christmas to check into some options. We’re already due to get snow here :cold_face: