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European Dressage Championships;

Website; https://riesenbeck2023.com/en/

Live scoring; https://www.longinestiming.com/equestrian/2023/european-championships-dressage-and-para-dressage-riesenbeck-riesenbeck-horstel/#area4

If you have a vpn; https://www.sportschau.de/pferdesport/dressur-em-riesenbeck-100.html
(German commentary)


The head-to-head (to head?) we’ve all been waiting for:

Looking forward to watching the video later!


First GB team gold since 2012. Well done indeed.


Queen Dalera!!!


I watched Carl Hester’s ride on Fame last night. That man’s hand position in the trot half-passes is something to aspire to…


Hester was commentating on the livestream from Burghley Horse Trials last week. If you can find it online, do watch e.g. Ollie Townend on his grey. The commentary was like a mini clinic, making it easy to see what the rider was doing and how it influenced the horse.


Ok, I will probably get destroyed and I really like Carl Hester. If you watch his horse trotting I thought I saw that the hind feet did not even get close to the hoof prints of his front feet. only in the extensions the horse reached the foot prints of the front feet….

I know that I have no idea what I am talking about but for me something is missing….

I guess thats why he didn’t get 100%…


That was some really inspiring riding.

Where can we access videos of the rides?

I searched YouTube for 2023 Europeans Carl Hester. I saw some more on Horse & Hound and the rest on YouTube.


I suggest that you look at the FEI test for GP. Working trot is not a Grand prix movement. In Grand Prix it’s all about collection.
Yes, I agree you appear to have no idea what you’re talking about.


Clip my Horse :hot_face:

You only just noticed ?


Olympics should be interesting.

PS: Test score sheets have been posted.

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I found them on YouTube easily. Just look up 2023 dressage European championship.

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Well I know that you all love to bully me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:….

But for me it’s amazing that obviously you and other of these experts on this board are not able to even compare how the different horses in the competition use their bodies (hind legs are a big part of how a horse uses it’s body)

@Manni01 Not a dig, I’m genuinely interested. What is the “something missing” and what other combinations had that “something” for you. We all see things differently and I’m interested in what you saw.

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Look at the trot starting from the initial halt…. Then look at the hind feet of the horse and look where they come down…. Watch Carl Hester first and then Charlotte Dujardin.

I know that the final score is a combination of all the movements, But this is actually the first detail I look at in every video I watch.
Where are the hind feet of the horse are coming down. Because that pshows how the horse uses his body.
When I watch a video of young stallions doing their testing, I watch where the hind feet are coming down… IMO a lot of horses are lifting their feet a lot but somehow they loose their forward momentum. The movement looks more fluent and the horse uses his body better and more efficient if the hind feet come down very close to where the front feet left their marks… and my experience is that horses are more comfortable to sit if they have this smooth forward momentum in their gaits.

I do think Carl Hester rides beautiful and he took over the ride of this horse only recently so I will be interested how this will change in the future.


“ Collected trot. The Horse, remaining “on the bit”, moves forward with the neck raised and
arched. The hocks, being well-engaged and flexed, must maintain an energetic impulsion,
enabling the shoulders to move with greater mobility, thus demonstrating complete selfcarriage. Although the horse’s steps are shorter than in the other trots, elasticity and cadence are not lessened.” Bolding mine.


Biomechanically a horse that shows significant overtrack actually is putting more strain on the soft tissues. A front foot that comes behind the midline of the body in a working trot is not desireable from this perspective and a horse who showed it in collected trot and subsequently piaffe-passage would be base narrow and not correct.