EVEN NEWER Hay Forum Rules

We’re going to try a new free format for the hay forum, which will hopefully help get some horses fed, but it’s going to be on a provisional basis in case things don’t work.

If you have a small farm and want to band together with other locals to buy in bulk, post here. If you are panicked because you have a week of hay left and can’t find more, ask for suggestions of reliable suppliers here. If you need a sanity check on what others are paying in your area, ask here.

All new threads will require moderator approval before they appear on the board (as in Giveaways), so your thread will not appear immediately.

We hope this will be helpful, and we welcome your suggestions. Thanks to Oldenburg Mom for getting the ball rolling! :wink:

NEW DEVELOPMENT: With feed prices soaring ever higher, we’ve talked to the Chronicle’s publisher and gotten the thumbs up to relax the advertising rules a bit more in the hay forum.

We’re going to start one “I HAVE HAY” thread for vendors and individuals to post their info for those on the prowl for forage. Those with hay available can also reply to threads where folks are looking for suppliers in their area.

Again, hopefully this forum can help get food to the mouths that need it. We’ll make changes to the rules in here as needed.

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