Event Trainers in Los Gatos CA/South Bay Area?

Hi all-
Posting for a friend of mine who is looking for a new board situation in the bay area. She’s ambiguous about what discipline she really gets into but is interesting in trying out low-level eventing. She is finishing up a lease atm and will be getting a horse better suited soon but looking into the future, is searching for a good event or jump trainer. Ethical, kind, etc. Any suggestions? I am based in the Midwest so I don’t know too much about the event scene over there. She is located in Los Gatos. Not looking to go above novice, jumping confidently around 3’ courses. Just searching for a good trainer who isn’t at a barn where board isn’t 1k+ (which is hard to find in bay area.)
Any recommendations or advice is welcome! Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of any specific barns, but she should look in the Gilroy/Morgan Hill area. I rode with Three Horse Farms (Gilroy); not eventing, but great hunter/jumper barn that is on the more “affordable” side.

Board alone is EASILY $1k/month or more, along the peninsula, east bay, etc. The further south you go (Morgan Hill/Gilroy), board and training are cheaper.

Good luck!

Look at the list of USEA ICP instructors. The two closest to Los Gatos, who I would have recommended anyway are Dayna Lynd Pugh and Shannon Lilley.

Sarah Schwarzer or Tori Traube. Both are based at Webb Ranch which is super close to the Woodside horse park.