Eventing barn in Chicago area

Hi there! Just moving to Chicago and looking for a barn to keep my event horse. Biggest concern is lengthy turnout with enough space- I know, hard to come by in this area :)- and quality care. My horse will be moving from 24/7 turnout so upwards of 8 hours would be ideal. Also need an indoor arena. Other than that, anything catering to eventers is a plus (xc course, track, event trainer, etc.) but not necessary, we’re pretty used to traveling to school/take lessons. Willing to make about an hour drive from the city.

Thanks in advance!

Do you have any specifics yet on where you will be living? The Chicago area covers such a big area it would help to know where you would be coming from.

What is the furthest you are willing to travel? Are you actually IN Chicago, or the outlying suburbs? I know of an amazing trainer who has riders that are sitting in high ranking spots for the country.

Chris is the owner and trainer of Tipperary Farms at Don Bar. The boarding is dealt through the lady who owns the property, and the training aspect through Chris. She is in Northern Illinois, but honestly, unless you want to pay an arm and a leg, boarding closer to the City, if that’s where you are truly at, is outrageous.


I’ll be living in the northern part of the city, near Lincoln Park. I would like to stay about an hour’s drive from there.

I will definitely take a look at Don Bar! Thank you!

Messaged you.

TopLine Equestrian Center in Hampshire & Jen Dougherty’s barn in Elgin are also good choices.

What is the name of Jen Dougherty’s barn?

Last I knew of her was Hillenridge Farm, don’t quote me on that though.