Eventing Barn on FL Gulf Coast - Sarasota/Tampa area

Hi! I am relocating to the West Coast of FL this fall from the Mid-Atlantic and searching for an eventing barn in the area. I am open to a H/J barn as well, but am really looking for more of an adult amateur scene than lesson factory and would love to continue on my eventing journey vs. going back to hunterland! I am a capable young(ish) AA looking not looking to compete heavily but want to continue to be challenged by great instruction. I do not currently have my own horse but will be looking to lease and hopefully buy within the next year, so would need a barn with lesson horses (which I know is becoming harder and harder to find). I don’t always trust what I find on Google and it looks like you can no longer search in groups on FB (tried searching in USEA Area 3 and the search icon is missing) so I thought I would see if anyone has any insight!

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Check out https://www.terranovaequestrian.com/!

Super nice people and could have a lease opportunity for you. Absolutely gorgeous facility.

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Out of curiosity what’s the price range for boarding?

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I do not know, I just know the owners as they are originally from my area.

Thank you! They were the first/only dedicated eventing barn I’ve been able to find and agreed, I thought they would likely have leases available. I reached out but have not heard back yet! I’m used to high prices/COL in MD but a little scared this is going to cause some sticker shock :rofl:

Circle W in Sarasota is a super friendly barn just off I75. Range of riding. Low key. Barn owner and core group of riders event - including myself. She is usually full with waiting list. Excellent care.