Eventing Barns/Trainers - Northern Atlanta Area


Looking for some help or advice! I searched for previous posts on this topic but everything I could find was several years old.

I will be relocating to the northern Atlanta area this coming summer (somewhere in the Marietta, East Cobb, Roswell, possibly even Powder Springs or Alpharetta areas) and will be needing boarding for my gelding and lessons for myself. Ideally I’d like to end up at a barn that has an in-house eventing focused trainer, but would be just as willing to board somewhere and bring a trainer in. An active show barn or at least a place that is willing to take students to shows would be nice. I’m currently competing at BN but looking to move up to N by the end of this year.

Would love suggestions for a reputable trainer and/or facility. I’ve looked at the USEA Area III website to try and get some ideas and I do have a few barns that I would like to scope out, but have no knowledge of the area at all and don’t know any of the names of trainers besides what google has shown me.

I’ve never been to Atlanta, but will be planning a few trips out later this winter/early spring to look at houses, etc. We do know that we’ll be in the northern area, as my husbands work is going to be located in Marietta.

Looking to stay under $750ish for board (is that possible in the area?!) Stall would be nice (with adequate turnout), but my gelding has been pastured boarded before so he wouldn’t have any issues with that again. I’m ok driving 30-45 mins to get to a barn as well if it’s a great match.

Please feel free to PM me if you’d like or point me in any direction. :slight_smile:

Very much appreciate any help!

PS: Are the summers really that horrible down there?? I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and while I hate winter, I know how to deal with it. We get pretty hot and humid (90+ degree’s with 90% humidity) during a few weeks of the summer, but I’ve been warned of the whole “hot-lanta” part… :confused:

I have a similar thread going, Eventing barns in NE atlanta. Good Luck!


Also https://m.facebook.com/bigtimeeventing?_rdr

The $750 mark depends entirely on where you look.

Atlanta summers are no worse than Midwest summers (I’m originally from Iowa). The fly season is longer and the gnats are worse.

Thanks for the replies!!

Wairmu, I might PM you after I go read your thread!

I don’t know if these trainers fit your budget, but I know a couple of trainers in that area.
-Julie Burns Richards (Newnan area)- has a big eventing facility including some xc jumps and 2 arenas with footing. She’s a fantastic teacher and also goes to a lot of events in that area. Has evented up to advanced and 2 olympics.
-Ashley Giles (Newnan area)- http://www.peregrinefarm.com/, has her own farm in Newnan, super nice and helpful. Has evented up to intermediate.
Also know a very nice YR, Emily Rusinyak.
Hope that helps!

Also highly recommend Emily Rusinyak!

Hi there,

Does anyone have recommendations for barns or trainers near the Atlanta area that would be open to instructing non-competitive adults?

I competed growing up but am now looking to get back into the sport (after many years off) for pleasure - but I would prefer to still stick to eventing.

I worry I may not be advanced or competitive enough for the recommendations above. Would love your all’s opinions or recommendations.


Yes, it is incredibly humid from late May until late October. I couldn’t stand it and moved away as soon as I could find another job, but it sounds like you’re used to it.

Since the job is in Marietta, definitely stay on the northwest side for you boarding options. I can’t remember the road, but there’s a road north of Marietta that goes from Woodstock to Alpharetta without ever touching a highway. A bit further up the I-575 will get you to Canton which I believe has some options for horses with more land to be had. A great deal of places in the metro area have lost the bulk of their land to developers.

Define, “Near the Atlanta area”? What side of Atlanta as that makes quite a bit of difference given the traffic.

Worth looking at;




Newnan is where most eventers hang out, but it’s way too far south of Atl to be practical.

You can find plenty of information here; https://www.newhorse.com/page/horseb…13.html?page=1

Have a map close by!

Sounds like her husband’s job is in Marietta which is NW corner up I-75. Having lived down there, they’d be nuts to live anywhere but that area.

Then she definitely won’t want to be trying to get all the way down to the Newnan area. Way too far. Equibrit’s post is good and hopefully something suggested there will be suitable. Rebecca Bowman runs North Atlanta Equestrian Center and is really down to earth and nice. Elisa Wallace goes out there to give lessons periodically.

Welcome to Atlanta! Feel free to PM me. So, I live above Vinings, maybe you could call it Cumberland, but ITP. I do make the commute to Newnan every day, but it has been well worth the great program, facility, and care my horses are getting. I also could not afford the 1000-1200+/board that barns closer to the perimeter were charging. For reference, during rush hour my commute is hour-hour 20, and non-rush hour 45 minutes. A year in, this seems so normal, but I get crazy looks that I drive so far.

If you are wanting to stay closer, there’s Seven C’s which is stunning, but I don’t believe has an in-barn coach. There are also several farms in the Canton/Milton area.

I work with Julie in Newnan who I adore. She’s helped me immensely. On a Saturday you’re going to see YRs prepping for an Intermediate move-up, Adult Ammys on their OTTBs running BN, and kids on ponies. It’s a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, that my horses have done really well in.

I believe Jade’s barn may be a few miles closer, and is located somewhere between Newnan and Fairburn. I don’t believe Chatt has an in-barn trainer that I know of but does take some boarders. Closer proximity to you will be Lauren Eckardt in Canton? Katherine Johnson has a great group of kids she teaches, with Serenbe Stables. I believe she’s in Fairburn. We worked together in Virgina, and she’s taught adults and kids; a really talented and fun coach to work with. There are also several smaller barns in Canton/Milton. Alpharetta has a larger h/j scene and also may be a bit far. I’ve loved living in this area and there’s friendly camaraderie. Phillip Dutton comes to our barn every few weeks, and the trainers come or send their kids. I think we all help each other out and send horses to each other, so fairly quickly you meet riders and trainers, and it’s a larger community than you realize.

I would highly suggest volunteering at Chatt in Fairburn, GA. It’s such a great opportunity to meet people, and get a glance at whose students are successful and having fun. They also have a Summer Wednesday Twilight Jumper Series that starts at the 2’ level. Their schooling show series is very well-organized as well.

^^^She said non-competitive, isn’t Julie Richards and her place geared more towards competition? Don’t get me wrong, she’s great; the trainer I’m riding with, rides with her, as does Jade, but I rather got the impression, that competition is their focus. I drive from Newnan to Sandy Springs everyday for work and it sucks! I admire your dedication doing that, but doesn’t the extra money commuting eat into the money you saved versus boarding closer to home? Board at a nice facility on the southside runs $700-800 a month and I spend $400+/- a month in gas commuting to an from work. It adds up. I keep my horses at home at least though.

I also ride with Ashley Keller who manages the boarding barn at Chatt Hills. She now focuses on dressage but competed in eventing through Prelim. She’s bringing along a She’s is super nice and wonderful to ride with. The facility has a very nice indoor as well. Not to mention I presume you would have access to the miles of trails on the property.

Well that’s what I indicated in that on a Saturday you’re going to see a variety of levels, types of horses, and ages taking lessons that may or may not go to the same competitions. It’s not a structured program where all the riders go to the same events all together every weekend, but each one of us can participate or not as much as we want. (Obviously, I’m biased because I’m grateful for the help I’ve gotten with the means I’ve had or not had) And, the professionals I’ve come into contact with including the ones I mentioned have the availability/and or willingness to work with riders at different levels and goals.

So I wouldn’t necessarily look for a coach who doesn’t compete with students, as the area is full of well-meaning and insightful instructors who can help you succeed with personal goals. I don’t think I’d fit in any differently if I wanted to just take some dressage lessons or compete multiple weekends, is what I’m trying to get across.

Gas would definitely be a huge expense. It still works out cheaper for me, when I considered the barns at $1,200 are still 30-40 minutes, etc. But, just hoping to offer some examples!