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Hi all!

My first post to this site, hopefully I’m not duplicating anything!

My work has asked me to relocate to Dallas (I’m a British eventer, employer is non-horsey.)

I’m happy to relocate for a bunch of reasons, however this changes if I can’t ride/compete…

So, helpful people, please could you advise - can I event/compete in Dallas? Is there much of a scene in Texas? Are there any recommendations for trainers/centres?

I’ll be coming horse-less but eventually I would import.

Thanks for your help

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It looks like there are several HT in the area, depending on how far you’re willing to drive. “In the area” for a Texan usually translates to “within 3-4 hours of driving”. Coming from the UK, you’re going to have to get used to driving a bit to get anywhere really. Texas is also an extremely large state, so it’s a good idea to just use google maps - just because it’s in TX does NOT mean that it’s close.

As far as TX is concerned, it’s a pretty “horse friendly” state in that you’ll find lots of barns, but most riding in Texas will be western/ranch riding. That said, I do know a friend who used to ride at a competitive H/J barn (10 years ago or so) in Dallas, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they also had a few eventers there - so decent english barns do exist!

Texas has a HUGE population of all horse sports, eventers and hunter/jumpers alike—neither is a rarity.


Just depends on where you’re at I guess. Texas is huge. In my area, 90% of riding is western and I’ve got to drive an hour to a decent H/J barn. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Thanks all! If you have any recommendations of barns/trainers i’d really appreciate it!

Driving wise, I’ve heard this a lot… but to be fair even in the UK I drive 30/40 minutes to my trainer and when we go to shows it’s usually around a 2 hour drive, very rare that it’s closer.

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Lots of small venues in and around the Dallas area. Bigger venues like Texas Rose (Dallas), Holly Hill (Benton, LA), Meadow Creek (Kosse), Willow Draw (Weatherford) are all within a 1-2 hour drive. Pine Hill is a bit further. But lots of options for farms and schooling.

Boarding will depend on what part of Dallas you’re in. Rebecca Brown, Ellen Doughty Hume, Angela Bowles are all in the area. But if you’re wanting to travel for lessons there are tons of smaller barns to be closer to home.

Join area V eventing forum on Facebook, lots of friendly people there.

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There is a long thread on Ellen Doughty Hume.


Please take a look at the (long) thread about EDH before even thinking about contacting her!


North Texas is the hub of eventing in the state. If you’re in or near Dallas, Rebecca Brown Steggers is the very best. She also has a great community of adult amateurs. If you’re in or near Fort Worth, Angela Bowles is your go-to. The two are close geographically, but not close at all with traffic. Rockgate Equestrian is a somewhat new facility; it’s located north of Fort Worth. There are others in the area too. North Texas Eventing Association is a good resource.

Geography and traffic are going to be your biggest factors.


Thank you - very long thread !

Thanks all, v. helpful comments