Eventing in Canada?

I am from Saskatchewan but since I plan to move away after high school and college, I was wondering what places in Canada have options for Eventing. Any cool places that I might want to live nearby in a few years?

The Lower Mainland of BC and thereabouts has some good stuff, rated and non-rated. The weather can be really crummy in spring/fall with the rain though. There’s one unrecognized 2 phase that runs in September and both years that I’ve done it the rain made it entirely miserable… I bet if I skip it this year it will be nice and sunny!

If you want to live in Ontario, there’s plenty out this way in the southern part of the province, within 1-2 hours of the GTA.

We have the provincial rated circuit, with events running May to October: https://ontarioeventing.com/calendar-of-events/

We’ve also got a nice schooling circuit with both HT and CT: https://www.socta.info/

The earlier events can sometimes be a bit wet, depending on the year, but several of the facilities have great sandy soil and the footing is good. We do sometimes get hard and dry in the middle of summer.

Lots of trainers and horses out this way, as well as rated and schooling jumper and dressage shows for extra practice.

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BC interior doesn’t have a lot of events, but we have great coaches and schooling available, and one of the best courses in the country at Chase, and it’s not a terribly long hard drive to the events in Langley, Chillliwack and Maple Ridge, and not that far across the border to Kalispell and Spokane, and more really good events near Yelm Washington. We have one of the best climates available, and I’d go as far as saying the best climate in Canada for riding year round. I really like where I’m at in Grand Forks. Super good coaches available and great schooling locally and not far to Kelowna or Spokane

I attended UBC and rode in Southlands. Very different style of horsekeeping - basically turnout was slightly larger than a stall. It’s expensive and not convenient to events or xc schooling unless you have a trailer or can get a ride. Easier to get dreaage ansd SJ lessons.

I also rode while attending U of A in Edmonton. There is an equestrian centre at Whitemud which is quite close to the university, as well as lots of barns not so close. I had a car so I drove 40 minutes each way out to Stony Plain where I kept my horse cheaply. Not a lot of XC schooling, again, you need a trailer or to catch a ride. The Alberta Eventers are a fun and friendly bunch.

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Southlands has a small-ish XC field/course of their own these days; the questions are not super varied and only go up to Entry/PT height but I rode in a modified HT there last summer and it was a nice way to get back into the competition after I’d had knee surgery. :slight_smile:

For some of the friendliest people (who know how to play & compete hard), you could try moving across country to Quebec or eastern Ontario. There’s an active Eventing scene on both sides of the border crowned by the International competitions at Bromont. For a preview try Horse Trials Quebec’s website: https://www.accc-q.com/?lang=en


Eastern Ontario unfortunately doesnt really offer a whole lot of events. The same three events usually run twice a year, but Wesley Clover Park while host events now, it is unsure if they will in the future. That being said, the events in that area are excellent and some of my favs. I have moved closer to the west and haven’t been able to atten them the last few years but I am moving a bit east again and will be heading that way this summer.

The real mecca of eventing in Canada is the Oriliia/Newmarket/Port Perry/Uxbridge area, where most events are within a 45min drive, and all the good coaches and XC schooling are located roughly in that region.

Sorry to revive an older thread, but I couldn’t figure out how to message @Jealoushe directly! I am wondering if this area is still the southern Ontario eventing mecca? I grew up just outside Guelph and have missed the ease of eventing ever since I left (I’m in SoCal now). I am looking to purchase land in southern Ontario for eventual early retirement. I’d like to have good access to eventing coaches, XC schooling, and events as well as some decent dressage coaching and showing opportunities too (especially for when I don’t want to event anymore - I’ll show dressage and remain involved in events from the ground).

Would very much appreciate any suggestions any southern Ontario eventers have about where to start looking for land to purchase. TIA

Yes. Focus on th areas just north and east of Toronto for the most density of competitions and coaches, but be prepared to pay a premium for land.

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Join the Facebook group “Ontario Eventing Support Group” and ask your questions there!

But yes that area is still the place to be.

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Wonderful - thank you for that suggestion! :slight_smile:

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