Eventing in East Canada

Thinking of spending summers in Canada- the east side is closer to me. Any cities that are similar to
Ocala with lots of events and eventers?

What do you mean by East Canada?

We tend to call Toronto /Quebec the East, although they are really just above the American Midwest geographically. They are the population center of Canada and also have the most concentration of sport horses. But there is no city like Ocala on Canada in large part because of the climate in winter. You might locate near a major venue.

The Eastern edge of Canada is called the Maritime provinces, and these include islands. They are very lovely but much smaller populations and traditionally fishing and agriculture. There is horse stuff there but much less. Geographically they are an extension of the top of New England like Maine.

Yes it really depends WHERE you mean, however, regardless of where the eventing is very limited. We have lost about 6 events this year in Ontario. There might be a handful on the East Coast if that and they are small venues.

We have nothing like Ocala really anywhere…maybe Caledon or King City…but not comparable at all.

By East, I mean not the west- sorry that was poorly written, but I am geographically challenged. I have been to Toronto- absolutely loved it. WAs contemplating visiting Montreal and both of those looked fairly easy to get to from the US.

If you based out of Toronto (or nearby), there are many events within about an hour or so, from May to October. Here’s the rated calendar for this year (May already ran so not showing in the menu, but you can scroll back in the calendar shown to see). Every venue listed except Ottawa and Steven’s Creek would be within that one-hour-ish radius:

There is also a schooling CT series a bit further SW. I’m in Hamilton and the venues for SOCTA are all within an hour of me, so wouldn’t be too far from Toronto area either.

This area also has a couple bigger venues that host hunter/jumper and dressage shows, where you could get out to practice your dressage and stadium between events:

http://angelstone.ca/tournaments/ (two venues: Angelstone and Caledon Equestrian Park)

There are also loads of schooling shows in the GTA.

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There is nothing comparable to Ocala here. The Toronto area has a pretty busy eventing circuit in the summers, and Montreal area has a couple of big ones, including an FEI 4* in early summer.

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Quebec is fairly limited for events. Better off in the Orangeville/Orillia area.

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