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Eventing near Tampa, FL

Our family is moving from CA to FL and I am desperately searching for an eventing barn within half an hour or so of the Tampa area for our 16 year old daughter. She rides at an AMAZING barn with an AWESOME coach and ROCKSTAR lesson horses in CA and I keep hitting dead ends looking in Florida. Please help if you can!

I don’t know of anyone off the top of my head who is in Tampa, but Ocala is less than 2 hours from Tampa and you can have your pick of world class trainers.

Did you check the USEA Area III web site?


I see three barns in the Tampa area on that list.

The Florida Horse Trials Association has a web site, as well, although I’m not sure it has any specific farm info anywhere in there


I live in Tampa, and there are three eventing barns- that’s it. Leah Khorsandian,http://www.khorsandianeventing.com/Parrish%20Oaks%20Farm.index.htm, Beth Davidson, http://blackdogconnemaras.tripod.com/index.html, and Lauren Delalla, who is in Pasco County. I recommend going to Ocala for training. There are really no real eventing barns in Tampa with openings…kinda depressing!

I live in Tampa and go to Ocala to train.

Leah Khorsandian of Parrish Oaks is in Dade City and I think there is Black Dog Farm in Plant City. When my daughter attended USF, it was hard to find much of any eventing scene in Tampa.

Tampa area is super fun and beautiful, not conducive to eventing but I made it work while at USf. Blackdog is an easy drive and has good quality care, a little xc and good hacking. Trainers n instruction prob the weakest part of area.

I would reach out to Beth at Blackdog Farm, if she doesn’t have room she will know of someone who does. You will likely end up driving up into Ocala for training/showing, etc.