Eventing or Dressage lessons near San Ramon, Costa Rica?

I may be studying abroad in Costa Rica and would like to find a place where I can continue taking horseback riding lessons. I’m trying to find a place near near San Ramon or San Isidro. The stable, trainer, etc. must be reputable and not touristy trail ride type place. Thus far the only decent places I can find are near San Jose (which is a 2hr drive from San Ramon). Since I will likely have limited transportation options I would like to find someplace within 30 miles (48km) of San Ramon.

I’ll bump this for you…we have a poster under the name Wonders 12. Not on much these days but you could search her user name and PM or e mail her if her addy is on her profile. She lived and worked in CR. I’ve been there, lovely, but no ideas about serious riding lessons outside SJ.

I’m not sure how far they are from you but Discovery Horse Tours is based near Jaco, it’s owned and run by a British lady who is lovely.

She might be able to point you in the right direction to what you’re looking for.

Hi, OP! Welcome to Costa Rica! (Although I’m now back in the states, it’s certainly still a “home” to me.)

Will you be abroad for a semester or a year? I’m going to say something crazy, but if you’ll only be there for a semester, don’t focus on riding. TRAVEL. Take long weekends as often as you can and see and experience every inch of the country (and travel into Panama and Nicaragua - my favorite place! too). Even a year will fly by with how much you have to explore.

Sadly, I don’t have any good riding recommendations for that area. As you’ve found, the nice barns are near San Jose and the only riding I did was in the back country.

I second Connemara’s recommendation for Discovery Horsetours. We were in contact near the end of my stay in Costa Rica, so we were never able to meet up. However, she was incredibly nice and welcomed my roommate and I (two strong riders) to her place whenever we were able. I really wish I could have made that happen. She takes good care of her horses and may be a good way to get your occasional “horse fix” or see if she has any local connections. Be ready to see some unorthodox horse keeping in general.

Something to consider: be cautious about traveling home if you end up doing lessons in the evening. See if you can leave your horse stuff at the barn so you won’t attract attention. (Unless you’re traveling by personal vehicle of course.)

Feel free to PM me with any questions. I LOVE Costa Rica (and Panama and Nicaragua), and I’m sure you will too.