Eventing safety

Where can I find up to date statistics about safety? Anything I find on Google with reference to USEA is no later than 2019.

I wonder if that’s because so many events were cancelled as part of the 2020 dumpster fire? Perhaps a combo of less data, plus (I’m speculating) fewer people working to report it means that they just didn’t compile and publish stats per usual.


Possibly 2020 is a blip but I would actually like to find any stats. Where can I find them?

I think it’s likely they haven’t been published yet. Your best bet is to contact USEA directly.

I doubt the 2020 statistics have been compiled yet.

Your best bet would be to contact
Mary Coldren (VP Safety)
Jonathon Hollling (Chair of Cross Country Safety)
Sarah Broussard (Chair of Rider Safety)
or other members of the USEA Safety Committee.

Contact information is on the USEA Committees page

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Mine is a totally geeky personal interest but thank you for the suggestions. I don’t think it is worth wasting their time.

But I can’t find any stats from any year for the USEA.

I wanna say there was an episode fairly recently (dec/jan) on the USEA podcast with one of the equiratings guys that talked about some stats for 2020. I think they said rider falls were about the same but horse falls were down… I could be remembering wrong though.

and the number of events was cut in half total…

I would think that a stats keeper would be talking in ratios (rather than actual count) but I was listening casually and it was a month or two ago. I thought it would be an interesting listen for the OP.

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Yeah you’re right they probably did, I mean I trust Equiratings lol

Hopefully 2021 is the first year in decades without a fatality :crossed_fingers:

It’s not USEA, but here is a link to a list of annual reports by the FEI on eventing safety statistics. https://inside.fei.org/fei/disc/eventing/risk-management