Eventing Stallions

What stallions would everyone be using to produce eventers? what stallions progeny would you consider for eventing? anything you would definitely stay away from

Keen on everyone opinions

This well and truly depends on what kind of mare you have, and whether or not she can take fresh, frozen, etc. It also depends on you – what are YOUR goals? Novice? 5*?

If I had the right mare, these would be the top stallions to breed to in my book for my own horse –
OBOS Quality
Ituango xx
Quite Easy
Saketini xx
Stan The Man xx

If I was shopping for a horse on the ground for eventing at the LL, I’d be inclined to look at anything by the TB stallions Ituango, Seville, Congrats/Flatter, Say Florida Sandy, Big Brown, and Posse. I’d avoid any doubles to Seattle Slew and that’s about it.

As far as who to stay away from… There aren’t many eventing-geared stallions out there I’d say are unsound and/or at a risk for passing on unsoundness… Most of them have an extensive eventing (or racing) career. I can say personally, I haven’t liked the Cruising and Master Imp horses I’ve taken care of or ridden – but that is 100% personal preference and clearly my preference has done nothing to stop both of these stallions from having horses at the UL.

Now if you are shopping for horses and paying attention to the pedigree, the above list is frankly irrelevant. Buy the horse that is doing the job you want/need.

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Have you come across any Say Florida Sandy offspring? I thought he looked like such a neat horse years ago, and have kept my eye out, but have never seen any. I’d love to pick up a broodmare with that line!

I have two. My only complaint is neither are mares. I would take ten more in a heartbeat and be able to sell them tomorrow to amateur homes. I am not as brave or as talented as I used to be, and both of these horses were simple and easy to transition from racing to eventing.

SFS#1 is fancy on the flat and every event clinician I’ve taken him to has either asked if he was for sale, or asked his breeding thinking he was purpose bred. SFS#2 is not quite as fancy a mover, but is catty and honest and anyone can ride him. SFS#2 is being ridden by a 73 y/o.

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