Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro)

Hi everyone, I’m new to these forums but have enjoyed reading a lot of posts for a while now and thought I’d finally “join” in :slight_smile:

I really like the new KWPN stallion Everdale but I was just wondering whether anyone else finds his neck quite short?


Lord Leatherdale:


Would love to know people’s thoughts on that issue and anything else people want to share.

What type of mare do you think would suit him? I realise it’s hard to say with certainty given he’s new to the market, but there seems to be a lot of experience on this forum worth learning from :slight_smile:

Hi dressage1982, I’m posting a link to the KWPN report for Everdale. They think his neck length is fine. In the report about his dam, the Elite mare Aliska, they describe her as having a “very long neck”. Everdale got impressive scores from the KWPN, as you can read in the report; along with the very high quality of all gaits, they report that he is exceptionally willing and they rate him very high for rideability and attitude. I would use this stallion in a heartbeat, but for the comments that they think he will add, or contribute size along with movement and willingness. I would like to see how much size he does contribute before I use him, as I have mares who produce large. There are conformation comments in this report also. I want to add that I think this young horse is very impressive; imo, he was the far and away standout from the newly approved stallions for the KWPN.

Can’t imagine why you think his neck is short. In the photos on Hilltops site, he is under saddle with an arched neck, but his neck is quite suffieient in length.

Everdale is lovely and I would certainly consider him. His neck appears to be a normal length to me. I would love to know if he is considered to be more on the sensitive side though, if anyone is familiar with this? He has so much presence and beautiful gaits! Does anyone know how to find out how Everdale did on the jumping portion of the stallion test or does the KWPN test not include a jumping portion for “dressage type” stallions?

KWPN dressage stallions do not have to jump for their approvals anymore.