Examples of combined run in area + stalls?

I’m realizing how useless a covered arena is when it isn’t attached to the horses’ living quarters. My horses mostly lived in paddocks with sheds on my first farm. Now with relocating to Virginia I want to design a covered arena attached to an area with run in areas and some stalls, but I’m having trouble deciding how. So anyone have any examples? I also realized how nice my friend’s place was, stalls on one side with a large open area and hay stored in the same building. No fighting rain to feed on wet days.

I think I still want some stalls with attached runs. Maybe if the major wind is from the west I’ll do 3 or 4 stalls on the east side. I want an aisle for grooming, farrier etc., tack, hay, and feed storage. Thinking of a few other stalls, perhaps standing stalls, for horse(s) waiting for a vet or farrier.

I hope someone has layouts to share!

I have seen one nice setup at a local evening focused boarding and lesson barn. The barn is in a suntrap area at the base of a hill but with wind off the ocean.

The barn has a covered arena. The leeward side has large crusher sand paddocks with deep run in shelters that are overhang from the arena. The windward side is just a blank wall. They have several horses in each paddock. This is an unusual set up in our area but I really like it. I haven’t been inside but I assume there is an aisle between the indoor arena and the paddock overhang, and that’s how horses are fed and taken out.

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Two I’ve seen were p much separate buildings, one had a connecting structure, feed room on one side, tack room on the other, wide enough to groom and pass by safely. The other was built over half the existing barn, very high, so there was a big storage area over half the stalls and tack room accessed from the arena and the roof ran into the old normal center aisle barn poking out the other side.
Two more were gaited barns which are always different, barndominiums. One Two story, home on top, open work area below not segregated by any kind of fence from stalls lining the exterior walls, very dark and low, second had a tall Morton barn with a sizeable free standing two story apartment in the middle, tack room wash stalls grooming stalls below and two stalls at each end, then a very wide aisle which acted as an exercise track and stalls and hay and feed lining the exterior side walls. And then there was a venue which was a huge barn, two wings, arena in center of each wing and one or two rows of free standing stalls with adequate distance from the arena.
It’s VERY nice to be able to stay out of the rain for the whole process, that’s for sure.

And one more, open sided in CA with a tall roof that extended over about 6 stalls with aisle and had hay and shavings storage plus office at one end. Roof peak was parallel to the aisle. It would have been very nice if facing such that the prevailing wind was hitting the stall side. Only issue was kids that would clamber up the hay, get on the office roof and goof off spooking some horses.