Excited and had to share!

Since nobody in the office understands why I’m so excited, I thought I’d share with COTH! I’m leaving town this afternoon with my alma mater’s IHSA team for my first show as an alum. It’s been about 3 and a half years since I bombed at regionals in Advanced WTC as an undergrad :lol:, so here’s hoping I’ve learned a thing or two since then and the show goes well!

To all you alums out there thinking about dipping a toe in the water, I highly recommend it. It’s been so fun hanging out with all the team members (although it makes me feel old!) and having my trainer design exciting IHSA-themed lessons to get me prepped. :smiley:

Good luck!

I certainly understand your excitement! Have fun, and good luck!

Very fun! Have a great time!

Sounds great, have fun and update us with some pics when you have time!

Have a fantastic time!!

Good luck! I love showing alumni…so much fun AND you get to leave whenever you’re done!

I also know the feeling of bombing at regionals…and two years later, Zones. Haha!

ENJOY ! every single minute !!!

ENJOY !!! every single minute !!! :smiley:

Any update ? Hope you had a Blast !

Any update on your fun!~? a picture too ?!~!?

The show was fabulous!! I had a great time and didn’t totally suck, which was awesome. Last over fences, but I had a blast on the horse I drew (a 25 year old pony named Police Car aka P.C. who very graciously put up with my ammy mistakes), and 2nd on the flat!

I didn’t get any pictures of me riding but I got a very sweet shot of P.C. towards the end of the day.

Hopefully this link works for everyone!

Great update !! Love ‘Police Car’ !!!

Great update !
Love ‘Police Car’ … very cool name for this handsome lad ~

  • aren’t you glad you went !!! ???

Thanks for sharing !

Looks like you had a blast! I’d love to do some shows, but there’s some reason I don’t qualify (can’t remember what it was). It looks like fun!

Cute pic. Glad you had a great time. Congrats on your 2nd!

Cute picture. It’s nice to hear you had such a positive experience.

Looks like you had a blast! I’d love to do some shows, but there’s some reason I don’t qualify (can’t remember what it was). It looks like fun![/QUOTE]

Really? That’s too bad! I was under the impression that if you’d competed in IHSA even once that you could show alum.

Oh well, it’s not like it’s the only option out there. I would never choose IHSA shows over regular shows, but in the winter, when my barn doesn’t compete as much, it’s a great way to challenge myself and try something different.

Next show isn’t until January, but my team is hosting so I’ll be a busy bee using my network of show barns to find some good mounts! My barn’s planning to donate a few school horses so hopefully I’ll draw one of them and get a nice advantage. :winkgrin: