Exercise Before Chiropractor?

So I know that you want to let your horse rest after a chiropractic appointment, but what about before? I have a chiropractor appointment for this evening and the only time I have to ride is within an hour of their arrival.

Is this frowned upon? Encouraged for warm muscles? Looking for any and all opinions.

Exercise before is actually very good, as it warms/loosens up muscles, which makes adjustments easier, and more likely to hold.


I ride before my appointment frequently. No issues.

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Mine says light riding or lunging is good. You don’t want to work the horse hard enough to make his muscles tight or sore, as that makes them harder to work on.

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Agree. Mine prefers it.

I always ride before

Yes unless he’s off in some way and needs the adjustment.

The best chiropractor I’ve used says ride after. My massage guy says ride before.