Exhibitor Rights

If an Exhibitor’s Bil of Rights was created what would you want in it??

What issues/problems are you seeing that would prompt one?

I would just like to see organizations set rules and then follow them, no changes at the last minute.

And I know…most do this!

There’s over 100 organizations in H/J alone with sometimes 3 or 4+ regional orgs. rating the same show. Sometimes that includes the USEF, more often nationwide it does not. That’s not even including the Breed registries and stud books that rate and offer points at shiws rated by others and/or host their own shows.

Cumbersome idea to implement at best, impossible unless you take one at a time. You could run for a board seat at the local/regional level. Most of the time, nobody else wants it and you can get elected.

I’ll take this as a philosophical exercise rather than a real demand for an exhibitor’s bill of rights.

  1. Clean bathrooms in ample number, warm in the winter
  2. Food trucks, in ample number, with a variety of offerings
  3. No messing up any exhibitor’s planned schedule by holding classes for some other trainer/horse/kid/parent
  4. All rules must be clearly articulated and available in easily accessible locations (That they will be followed should go without saying)

Those are the things that I find myself whining about most frequently.

I have the right to be treated like a human being that’s paying for a service and not just an atm.

  1. Safety of people must be maintained at all times
  2. The welfare of the horse is paramount

Level playing field with robust and uniform enforcement of rules.

Adding –

Ability to trailer in and park on the show grounds (with or without a reasonable fee) for the show day