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Experience with "Dust Halt"

Hello! My friend sent me a link to “Dust Halt” from Performance Footing. The indoor arena at our barn is incredibly dusty. Does dust halt work? How often does the arena need to be watered once it’s applied? Presumably it can be watered? My understanding with mag is that you cannot water as you will ruin (dissolve?) the mag. I’m trying to find a feasible cost-effective solution. Even if the solution only lasts through the winter season.

Don’t waste your money. It works great for about 2 weeks. After dragging, the product is dissipated and doesn’t really work


Perhaps that was another product Cowboy Girl? I live in the desert and have used it in my round pens, walker and arenas with great results. And now my neighbor is using it and he loves it. You have to put down a bit more at the beginning. I put it down in March, then did a smaller dose in June then its lasted for a good 6 months , then I finished applying the rest of the bucket. So basically for me it lasted a good year. For me a great value at the $400 or so

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Damn, I never heard of the stuff. Very interested.


I used it in my indoor. After the second time I dragged/worked the footing I noticed less of an affect. Then when it was dusty and got mixed with sweat or your eyes, it made things sticky. Made the sweat and dust really gummy and stick to tack.
So either only use in an outdoor or use a LOT more that they suggest.

I use Whoa Dust in my outdoor sand arena for the last 5 years. Less water used, no dust and environmentally friendly . Some of our local indoors use it as well. https://whoadust.com/

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Hmm I must be doing it right I guess. I put it in my indoor in Idaho this week after moving up here for the summer, and works like it should. I dont see anything that would be sticky. From what I read around, the process it uses is call flocculation and it binds the smaller dust particles together. See (https://www.dusthalt.com/)

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