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Experience with FIP in older cat?

Does anyone have experience with FIP in an older cat?

Our 15+ year old cat started vomiting about 1.5 weeks ago. He has some lumps under his chin that we suspected were cancerous. I took him to the vet on Saturday expecting to find out that the cancer had spread and he would need to be euthanized. Instead, when the vet x-rayed him, she found fluid in his abdomen and suspects that he has FIP.

We were sent home with antibiotics (he also has some issues in his mouth, possibly unrelated to the FIP), sulcralfate to help the vomiting, and instructions to put him on a low protein diet.

Through trial and error we have discovered that he cannot tolerate dry food, he vomits the entire meal shortly after eating. He is on strictly canned food now, and we have made it 2 days with no vomiting.

I’m curious if anyone has experienced this, and if so, how long were you able to maintain a good quality of life for the kitty? I know there is a treatment available now, but the cost, and the cat’s age/other issues make him a poor candidate.

My husband is very attached to the cat, and quite upset that our time with him is limited. If you have any advice for prolonging his quality of life I would love to hear it! If we can’t control the vomiting and associated weight loss we will need to make a tough decision very soon. :cry:

Not senior, but I had a young (4ish) cat present as FIP. TG, he tested negative & since then - now
9 - no further symptoms.
My inclination for your old guy is to see how he does on a total canned/raw diet.
I just got a roll of FreshPet & it’s hoovered by my 10yo, Nope from the 9yo.
After all, dry kibble isn’t a natural food for cats.
Does soaked kibble make him vomit?

Not senior, but I had a young (4ish) cat present as FIP. TG, he tested negative & since then - now
9 - no further symptoms.

This gives me a little bit of hope that we might be able to maintain him for awhile. The vet did not test him for FIP, it is a probable diagnosis based on his x-rays. He was pretty much a hospice case even before the FIP diagnosis due to the lumps under his chin, and the fact that he does not travel well.

Our kitties were on a mostly canned food diet to begin with, they got a small amount of kibble at night in an auto feeder so that they would let us sleep past 4am! They are both on all canned now because I can’t prevent the old guy from getting into the kibble. We did try soaking it and he still vomited.

Both cats have said no to raw food. I haven’t tried fresh pet, I’ll have to check the protein content and give that a try!