Experience with International Horse Transport

I’m gathering information about shipping/transporting my horse from the USA (Ohio/midwest area) to Germany (Munich/southern Bavaria area) in the next year/year and a half. Does anyone else have experience (or know of someone) with shipping their horse from the USA to Europe? I am curious about registration, shipping companies, etc.

Thank you in advance!

Horse Flight, Equijet, Dutta Corp, Pedens, IRT, are all well respected transport companies. I’d suggest calling them directly about import requirements. They will have all the latest info.

Some countries require specific test, specific vaccines, and very specific timing of these things.


Thank you! Is an FEI passport required?

IIRC, you do not need an FEI passport specifically, you do need a passport. It can be a national (USEF) passport.

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I’ve used Horseflight recently and had a fairly bad experience. They were slightly cheaper but I wish I’d gone with the pricier option.

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I’m in the process of exporting my horse to the UK with me this summer. I’m going with Equijet as they came highly recommended by a fellow board member and had competitive prices.

My horse has a USEF national passport ($50 through USEF). If you’re not competing in FEI classes then you don’t need an FEI passport. That said, USEF will still run it through FEI database so be careful about “commercial” horse names (ie. Having initials on the horse’s name).
They tried to charge me $1250 for that and i ended up having to slightly alter my horse’s USEF name to avoid that. Ridiculous.

The company will work closely with you and your vet about quarantine and other medical requirements.

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